Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Penguins update

Just a quick update this evening on Teejay's penguin stocking.
I have 2 complete penguins left to do and the one on the right to finish off and I've already made a start on them 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stitching updates

I never got round to posting an update from last weekend on Toy Gatherer so here it is.

There won't be one this next week because I've decided to take the weekend off from it so that I can finish Teejay's stocking before he arrives on Thursday.  My stitching time will be a lot less when he gets here and I won't be able to work on it in the day while he's about.

This was how it looked on Saturday morning, it's a little further on now

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ornament Exchange

I took part in the annual ornament exchange over on Needlecraft Haven again this year opening day was Dec 1 and here I am 10 days later only just getting round to posting it.

This is the beauty I received from Dusty 

And the one I sent to Ursh

couple of close up for you

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Penguins progress

Now that December is here I'm spending all my stitching time on weekdays working on Teejay's stocking and this week I finished off the top 3 penguins, got the band done along with his name and made a start on the next 5 but one of them was just to finish the thread off
The plan for next week is to finish those 4 and hopefully make a start on the last 6

A bit of useless info for those in the UK.
The outside bit of the Iceland Christmas ad was filmed in my local store in August.  It very odd to go into town on a Wednesday afternoon and see Christmas trees everywhere!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Toy Gatherer progress

Here's how I got on last weekend

This weekend I'm hoping to finish the shirt but now I've said that I bet I won't

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

November progress & December goals

For November I said
Finish my weekend project   Done
Decide for certain what's next at weekends  Done
Get Teejay's stocking half done   Not quite I have 6 out of 16 finished
Finish at least one other project   Done, I finished Flower Tender
Keep selling stash  A few more package have gone out
Post every day for NaBloPoMo 2014  Done

For December I would like to
Finish Teejay's stocking
Finish something else
Decide on my Jan 1st start
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 91 hours and 15 minutes in November, had 2 new starts and 4 finishes 2 of which were new starts and I stitched every day :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL and I made it

I've signed up for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL next year being hosted by Jo of Seredipitous Stitching 
The whole idea of it is to stitch up some of those kits/ charts us stitchers have been given as gifts/RAK's etc over the years or to use those lovely threads and fabrics that have been gifted and then to post progress on the 15th of the month.
I have several things I was planning to do next year that were gifted to me so I signed up to help me keep going
Wander on over and join in the fun, the doodah over on the right should take you to the sign up page or you can use the link above

And this post means I've made it to the end of NaBloPoMo and for the second year running I've not had to resort to posting pics of my completed TW's :)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Dance

Late on Thursday evening I finished Flower Tender :) it's my 23rd finish of the year and the last of the larger Pocket Dragons I have, it was also my Jan 1st start this year.
As with the other two it's stitched on 30 count white Murano with DMC, it's does have a plague under it on the chart but I was never sure if I was going to stitch it or not and decided that I prefer it without in the end

If anyone has the one's that came out in kit form please let me know

Friday, November 28, 2014

Couple of beading finishes

For the last few years I've been wanting to make a couple of little festive pendants for myself to wear in December and yesterday I finally got around to making one it just needs stiffening which is on the list for tomorrow

When I finished the Celtic knot a few weeks back I wanted to do some earring to match it but size 15 delica's don't come in the colours I used so I had to do something else instead and this is it.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash November report

I've been using the bonus £ this month and have given a few things a new home.
1 X Crescent colour and a DMC both to finish projects and 2 Daffodils kit's both from Heritage, the large one is the last of the floral panels I wanted to get to get and I got it for less than £10 on the bay of evil (aka ebay).

New starts from stash = Ornament for an exchange that I can't revel, Dragon Rampant coasterWhoops fob
PHD's worked on = Splendor (finished), Skating Penguins, Toy Gatherer, Flower Tender (finished about 30 mins before I came on line)
£ spent = 0 from budget
Budget left = £124.64.   £104.64 left and £20 for November
Bonus Budget left = £19.33