Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow, a finish and progress

This is teh scene that greeted me out of my bedroom window this morning

And this is out across the back of the house

It's all gone now but it was nice while it lasted which it never does here unless the rest of the UK has a ground to a halt.

Last night I finished Home is where the Sunflowers grow and it's my third finish for the year not bad considering we are still in January 

And another bit ready to add to my quilt, I have a few more almost ready to add 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stitch from Stash Jan report

I'm sticking with SFS again this year but we have a few changes the most notable of which is that we get a £ reward for finishing things from our stash but they have to have been there for more than 6 months to count and you can only count the stitches from this year on any PHD's

£ spent = £3.88
£ Earnt = £2
Budget left = £18.12

New starts from stash = 3.  Sunflower panel, In the Post and Home is where the sunflowers grow
PHD's worked on = Charmed Hearts(Finished) and Toy Gatherer

My spending this month was on a chart booklet and a piece of aida banding so I could do an exchange project which only needs a little bit of back stitch now
My finish was Charmed Hearts but 90% of it was completed before Jan 1st this year so I took a rough guess at my £ earned from it 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Few beading finishes

As promised yesterday most of my recent beading finishes I say most because I somehow managed to miss taking a pic of my 2014 bead mat so I'll fix that tomorrow.

First is a tape measure I did for my Mum, she saw mine back when I did and asked me if I'd make her one so she sorted out her colours, dug out her tape measure and waited for almost 2 years for me to get round to it.
Not the best of pics but it was the best of the bunch and you get the general idea of the colours if you want to see the pattern better follow the link above :)

This little guy was in the bag of kits Mum gave me to do when I moved to here and could only get my hands on Christmas projects in January as everything was still packed, another project that took me 2 years to get round to doing and is the last of the ones in the bag 

And a quick pair of earrings from a little kit I bought off Spellbound a few months back, the lizard also came from them

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow your blog party

I'm a little late in posting this :( aka I was so tired last night I forgot!!

Welcome to my blog no matter if you're a long time reader or a first time visitor who has made their way here from the Grow Your Blog Party and I hope which ever you are that you'll be back

I'm Lindsay from the heart of Cheshire in the UK and I live alone with a Gecko named Baby who is getting ready to shed in this pic so she's a little dull and cloudy looking

And a cat called Rosie who likes cardboard boxes, plastic bags and waking me up at stupid o'clock in a morning because she want's a bit of attention

I'm a carer for my Mum hence the Caring Stitcher title of my blog which is now entering it's 12th year!!
I started blogging because at the time I was a full time Mum with a husband and 2 girls and not much of a life outside of them and it was the thing to do back then plus I was younger and a bit more stupid than I am now.  These days I blog because I enjoy it and find it's a good way of keeping a record of things I've stitched/ beaded/ done over the years.

As I said I stitch and that's my first love
Long time readers will recognise last week's progress pic of Toy Gatherer

And I do a fair bit of bead weaving, this is just one of my on going projects but it hasn't been touched in months now but I'm thinking about returning to it soon, do come back tomorrow when I'll be posting some pics of recently finished beading project

I never really know what to write when it comes to this type of thing and always feel that I make no sense at all or I come across as boring and I can never think of anything interesting to say!

If by some miracle I make it to 300 followers I'll be holding a giveaway of some sort, I'll decide that when the time comes

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last and first TUSAL

A new year and a new set of dates to post pics of rubbish :) but first pics of my orts on Dec 31


Off I go with TUSAL 2015

In here are orts from Sunflower panel, In the post, Home is where the sunflowers grow, Charmed Hearts, Toy Gatherer and an exchange project that I can't say anything about other than it's a bookmark

and my beading orts

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I took part in IHSW last weekend and made good progress my Toy Gatherer now has legs and feet but no head :)
You can find my before pic at the end of this post and here's my after pic

I got a little more done on Home is where the Sunflowers grow last week after my gifted gorgeousness post but sadly didn't finish it :(  
This week I'm working on an exchange project and will go back to Sunflower to finish it once that's finished

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

It's the 15th of the month (just about) so it's time for the first gifted gorgeousness post being hosted by Jo.
The idea is that we all have things in our stash that have been gifted to us in some way or other and it's a shame to leave them there feeling unloved or it could be something you're stitching as a gift for someone else.
I have two projects that count this month and both were Christmas gifts last year.

First is Home is where the sunflowers grow that I received in the advent exchange over on  Needlecraft Haven from Ursh who as far as I know doesn't have a blog.  Ursh sent me the chart, fabric (which isn't as light as it looks in the pic) and the called for GAST, WDW and CC.
I started it on Monday and this is my progress as of this evening, fingers crossed tomorrow it will be a finish

The other one is the post box off my fella

Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend stitching

I was right (for once) about finishing Charmed Hearts this last weekend the last bead went on Saturday evening making it my first finish of 2015 :) and about time to.  I have no idea when I actually started this but it's on my PHD list at the top with no year beside it which means I started it before 1 Jan 2004, before then I didn't really keep a record of what I stitched, when I started/ finished things or how long they took.
I did put the charms on the hearts but decided that I wasn't happy with them so took them off again but I did put the beads on the outer border

And because the big pic really doesn't do the outer border justice a little close up of it

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New start number 2

My second new start of this year is In the Post the kit off my fella for Christmas
The grey blob on the right is the edge and on the left there is 15 - 20 stitches more before I hit that edge

You may remember some time ago I posted about making covers for q snaps etc well I've now set up a page on facebook for them

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bit of everything

First is my New Year's day start, Sunflower Panel from Heritage Crafts

Next is last weekend's progress on Charmed Hearts, I'll finish it this weekend 

Sunday afternoon I took the decs down and Rosie was supervising so I wrapped her in tinsel and managed to get this 

before she did this

and lastly day's 22 - 24 of the secret mystery bead a long which means

TA DA it's finished :)