Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conwy walls

For years Mel and I have been promising ourselves we would have a day trip to Conwy and walk the walls. So we decided that as we staying quite close to them it would make more sense to do it while we where there.
If you do follow the link above about the walls you'll see better pics than mine and that some were taken in the same place. That first photo shows the car park we used and we were in the spot on the end facing the bins lol
Hope you like looking at pics of castles cause your about to the same one over and over!!

I was trying to show how steep the wall is in places here

See told you they were steep in places

After we'd been to Anna's tea room (must visit place is your ever in Conwy) for tea and toast we went crabbing for a while.
This guy is the only one that made it into the bucket, we did catch quite a few between us but they keep falling off before we could them in the net.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arbour Exchange

This beauty from Berit was waiting for me when I got home from my hols.
It's the replacement for the Arbour day exchange that went missing a few months ago but it's certianly been worth the wait. The only condition of this exchange was that the design had to have a tree in it and there it is in Santa's hand :)
Berit has done an outstanding job and both the stitching and finishing are perfect. My first ornament of the year is now hanging on the banana hook I bought to display a different ornie on in December and I don't care what anyone say's it's staying there for a while

That line across the back is the shadow from the washing line, guess who wasn't paying attention when she took the pic.

I do have holiday pics to share but some of them are on Mel's settings cause I was stupid and didn't take my camera with me so they will have to wait until she get's home at the weekend before I can post them but I do have some which I'll share.

Annnnd I finally got my butt into gear and rang the insurance bods about getting my puter fixed (it's only taken me about 6 weeks!!) and there is someone coming to collect it tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back up and running fairly soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Triangularity HD

Not much to say about it really other than it's my 25th finish of the year and it's on a Sparklies Solitaire using the called for DMC.
Oh and in case you don't know it's a Crossed Eyed Kat design.

Started 15 Jan 2009
Completed 8 July 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


It's TUSAL along time and for once without our leaders reminder I'm on time.
Okay I've had to post date this so it appears on time but hey at least I remembered :)
This month we have orts added from Mary Busby, Triangularity, June's ornament, Kaleidoscope, Quaker 6, Nova, July's ornament and no doubt I've missed something out of the list but those are the important ones

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Exchange

I'm way behind on posts and I'm about to go to Wales for 10 days so I thought I'd better not leave this any longer!
I had the pleasure of sending to Lisa for the Summer exchange over on Holiday Exchanges and after much humming and hawing I decided to stich M Designs Sun Needleroll for her. Now your all thinking that's not a needleroll and you'd be right. I had an awful time trying to get the speciality stitches to work on it so in the end I ripped them out and decided that as the sune was over one and had taken me a heck of along time to do I would make Lisa a scissor fob instead. Turns out it was the right thing to do (maybe someone was looking out for me) as Lisa has a secret love of M Designs Sun's!!

I sent along a few goodies as well

Now I just have to wait for my Arbour Day exchange of Berit to arrive, the first one went missing in the post and she has stitched a replacement but it's not arrived as yet.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Friday project

While I wait for Pat to finish her Mary Busby I pulled out another one of my PHD's to work on - Quaker 6 Mains freebie.
I started this when we moved into this house 2 years as a new house deserved a new project but dudn't get very far as you can see.

I've spent the last couple of Friday's on it and got around 7 hours between them.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's goal review time

As it's July 1st I decide that this year I would share my 6 month review of my yearly stitching goals with you and I think I'm doing pretty well with them.

Finish a TW - which one has yet to be decided I did mean one of the ones I have already started but I finished Fire Dragon in Jan so I could call this one done
Finish a Silver Lining - again to be decided Haven't even picked one as yet
Get my PHD's to below 35 I'm at 38 so I'm getting there
Stitch an ornament a month So far I've stuck to it
Stitch a SOLAK sqaure a month I'm a couple behind with this one but I'm going on holiday in the caravan later this month and these are easier to work on while there so I'll get caught up
Finish 2 PHD's before I start a new one but with exceptions (Birthday start, ornaments and SOLAK squares are excluded but any other new start in the year is fair game. All Guilt Free Jan start are also fair game once they are underway) I've actually been really good and almost all my new starts have been ornaments, SOLAK squares or for exchanges. I do have a new start planned once Pat has finished her Mary Busby and I'll treat myself to one when I hit 35 PHD's left

June progress & July goals

For June I said

UFO RR (last one of the round) Done
Finish Quaker Alphabet Sampler (should do this tomorrow) Done
Get an ornament done Done
Square a day on Nova I did 20 but I did have a really busy week
Finish something else I finished Mary Busby
Stitch and send my summer Exchange Done although it was sent a little later than planned

For July I'd like to

Get Edgar's prize stitched and sent
Stitch an ornament
Square a day on Nova
Maybe finish something

Not having regular access to a puter made a huge difference to my stitching time in June and in total I stitched for 117 hours 19 minutes, had 2 new starts and 4 finishes (2 of which were he new start's) and just one day of no stitching.

And a quick proud Mum moment. Mel has had her college presentation this morning so she is offically no longer a college student and will become a Uni student in Steptember when she goes back to Reasheath to study Zoo Management.

Current PHD total = 38