Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bookmark Exchange

When I went down to Nuneaton for the NH gtg a while ago we had a book exchange and those of that took part in that then took part in a bookmark exchange and today is reveal day for it.
We had to write down our favourite colour, nibble and flower as well obvious things like address.

Here's the one I received from Ursh, she got it spot on with all 3 :)  the bookmark is now residing in my current read

Here's the one I sent to Clare 
The bookmark is far brighter IRL, I stuck to the called for colours ie pink, green, yellow, orange and white but changed the ones used to the new range of delica's that have only been out a few weeks apart from the white background.

And a closer view of it.
Julie you could do this with new found skill, it's the same stitch you've had a go at

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post IHSW (again)

It seems that I like a few others got the weekend of IHSW wrong so we got of them this month :)
I can live with that esp. as I got far more done this last weekend than the one before.
I didn't do a before post as I'd only be repeating the after one from the previous weekend but I've made a huge amount of progress on The Zoo now and because of it have decided that I want to get the bottom half of it done by the end of July.  No reason I shouldn't do it as there's only 2 bunnys and some grass left to do and I've made a start on one bunny already.

Last week I worked on Esther Sleep and got a fair bit done

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Poppy Vase

The last entry from the Cheshire Show that I did was the Poppy Vase from Julia Pretl

Working on this towards the end was a bit of a night mare for me and according to the pattern it should have a hem and a lid (which makes it a box not a vase but it's called a vase I really don't get that but maybe it's just me) but it wasn't to be in the end and I prefer it this was anyway

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Flower ball

At last pics of the flower ball.

Ignore the end of the cord I didn't trim it till it was in the marquee so I knew the height it needed to be

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cheshire Show results

I knew we'd done well at the Cheshire Show but I wasn't prepared for just how well we did!!

Out of the 3 classes we entered as an institute one didn't do so well.  We went with a Persian theme as one of our member is from Persia, all the items are authentic inc the sugar!

I won a first place with my Post Box

We won a trophy with out Corner shop, my ball scored 19 and I think had we noted that the fabric was hand dyed it would of been 20

The score card

But with out third class we scored a total of 77 and walked off with 2 trophies!!!!!!!
The poppy vase is the work of yours truely

The score card

And a close up pic of one of the pieces of silver 

The other 2 are shared with other institutes so I don't have pics of those.

I've been bouncing all day long and can't quite believe that of the 3 items I contributed (2 combined and my individual) and a possible max 60 points I scored 59, that as an institute we did so well and all the hard work by everyone involved payed off so well 

Now that I have the ball and vase home I'll get pics posted in the next day or so

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I managed a few hours over the weekend so a little progress was made, not as much as I would of liked but any progress is good.

Yes I know your still waiting for pics of the Flower Ball but you'll have to wait a little longer as it's currently in the marquee at the Cheshire Show and won't be home until tomorrow.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pre June IHSW pic

The Garden ball is finished but no pics yet sorry folks so that means that I can back to my normal stitching, it felt very strange last night to work on something else!

Anyway here's my pre IHSW.  I'm off to a craft fair this morning until tomorrow evening so I have no idea how much will actually get done but progress will be made

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden Ball

As I said in my TUSAL post yesterday I've spent the last few weeks working on nothing but Twisted Oaks Garden Pincushion Ball and I have finally finished all the stitching.

I've used Slightly Buttery from Sparklies and the called for Dinky Dye Silk and my version says flower not garden to fit in with the entry.

Now I just have to finish putting it together which is well under way and make the cord

Monday, June 10, 2013

TUSAL time

I'm a little late posting this month because I've been on the annual stitching weekend with friends and couldn't post it while I was there.

This time I've added orts from The Zoo, Merry Christmas and the Garden Ball along with nymo etc and that's it!
I know your used to a list of projects but I've had to concentrate on the ball to get it done for the Cheshire show so haven't worked on anything else for weeks now the surprising thing is I'm not bored stiff with it!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

More from the Zebra Beaders

 Once again a pic heavy post