Friday, February 27, 2015

Stitch from Stash February report

It's SFS report time once more and this month I've spent a little but earnt more from finishes so have finished with more £ than I started :)

Starting budget = £38.12 (20 for Feb the rest carried over from Jan)
£ spent = £6
£ earnt = £10
Budget left = £42.12

So what did I earn my £10 on?  Well first there was the bookmark for an exchange but I only counted the threads for that as I had to buy both the chart and the aida band for it.  Next was £4 for the card in the same post and lastly was another £4 for my Union Jack Bear finish.   Incidentally I'm still looking for the 3 charts in that post, I thought I had a lead on 2 of them but turns out that although they were listed at the ONS they weren't in stock so if anyone can help me in the search for them I'd be very grateful

I spent the £6 on a Lizzie Kate chart and one for another exchange that I'll be starting on next week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stitching updates

I've been a bit lazy lately when it comes to sharing progress on projects :(

I last shared Toy Gatherer in this post!

The following weekend it looked like this

And this is from last weekend, this weekend I'm hoping to finish the sheep and in turn the bottom half 

Last week I worked on Sunflower Panel, my Jan 1st start.
I now have the full width and I'm not far off the bottom of it.
Previous progress is in this post

Monday, February 23, 2015


What can I say other than I forgot it was time to post my rubbish pics until I saw them appearing on my blog roll and then it took me a few days to either remember to take a pic or be home in daylight.

Since last time I've added orts from Freesia bookmark, Toy Gatherer, Home is where the Sunflowers grow, Cirque dec Cercles, Spring freebie, Swirly friends heart, Union Jack bear and Sunflower Panel.
I hadn't realised I;d worked on so many things the last few weeks!

And my beading orts

Want to know more about the TUSAL?  Click here

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kimono Happy Dance

10 days or so ago I shared the my progress on the Kimono and this morning I finished it :) :) :)
I actually put it away for a few days the day after I posted because I'd started to make silly mistakes and knew if I carried on I'd never finish  :( 

But after going off and doing other things for a few days (that I've yet to post, bad me!) I picked it up again and found it hard to put down because the end was in sight

The top is the same as it was in the linked post above but here's the completed back

And all assembled from the front.
It's on a couple of kebab skewers in the pic, I've ordered a stand for it but it's not arrived yet

And the back view

Summer Patchwork Kimono 
Carol Tucker

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An exchange and gifted gorgeousness

Yesterday was reveal day for the Sweet Feet exchange on Needlecraft Haven we had to stitch a card with hearts, love or friendship and send it along with a pair of socks and a skein of thread.
This is what I sent out, the design is a freebie I found on the net

And this is what I received but as yet I don't know who sent it but I do know those socks are lovely and warm :)

And of course you've already seen this but it counts for GG as does the card I sent out for the exchange

Friday, February 13, 2015

A finish and an appeal

I fell in love with this guy a couple of years back when I saw the in my local craft shop but it's taken me until this week to get round to stitching him.
I started him on Monday and finished him just before I came online this evening :)

Way back in 2010 I stitched Triangularity from Cross Eyed Kat and wanted to do the other one's in the series but didn't get the charts because of a lack of funds:(
Now I have a little spare cash I thought I'd get one of them but she seems to have disappeared, I can find images of them but nothing more :(

So I'm hoping that someone out there that reads my blog has them and will either sell them to me or let me loan them for a few months, pretty please.




Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An exchange and progress

Last November I went to Nuneaton for a GTG with the girls over at Needlecraft Haven and an exchange is organised while we are there.  We get told what the item is, this time a bookmark,  but no idea who you'll be sending to until postcards have been written, mixed up and picked.
We go off, pick out design, stitch it and send it or in my case, lose the postcard, spend weeks looking for it, get everyone to post their answers to the questions in the hope that the person you think is says the one thing you remember which she does, get worried because you can't find a design to start with  and then start stitching it 10 days before it's due to be sent!

I thought my person was Julie and I turned out to be right 

and this is the beauty I received from Kate.   It's the first time I've ever received something beaded in an exchange when it was a beading based one

And lastly this past weekends progress on Toy Gatherer, I'm about halfway across the bottom border now fingers crossed I'll get it finished this weekend and make a start ont eh sheep 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Kimono progress

I've been plodding away on the kimono and the top half is finished

and the bottom half is going well

The top pic more accurate for the colours in it 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Toy Gatherer progress

Weekend before last I didn't make much progress on Toy Gatherer and I didn't post a pic either so here it is better late than never

This last weekend however lots of progress was made and apart from a small bit of border just behind his head the puppet is finished, well ok the stitching is finished I still have to add the beads

My plan for this next weekend is to make a start across the bottom

Sunday, February 01, 2015

January progress & February Goals

For January I said
Decide if I'm going to stick with Toy Gatherer at weekends or have something new for the new year     I'm sticking with Toy Gatherer
Start one new project for each week of the month   Didn't quite go to plan but I did have new starts
Finish my 2014 bead mat   Done
Keep selling stash  Done a few more items have gone to new homes

For February I'd like to
Have a few more new starts
Finish the kimono
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 95 hours 40 minutes in January, had 4 new starts and 3 finishes and stitched every day :)

Current PHD total = 27