Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stitching pics at long last

It's something like 2 weeks since I last posted any stitching pics, bad girl and after boring you all silly with endless pics of my holiday it's about time I proved that I do still pick up a needle.

First up is Lizzie Kate's Living with Charm, I bought this at The Nimble Thimble (Karen I will get round to emailing you about it soon) when I went down with Liz right at the start of my hoilday and picked up Home of a Needleworker Too, which BTW I tried to hang up over the weekend and gave up after I'd bent 2 pins!
It's on PTP Carnival and I'm using DMC apart from for the border and it means I failed one of my goals for Sept

So before I went I was spending my evenings with Bigger Stash and completed my hours on it last week.

The last few evenings have gone on Caleb's birth sampler

And lastly those darn Oriental Orchids that are taking up my days when I'm home, I can't wait to get them finished and back to the Wool/LNS so I can get on with Fantasy Sampler for TW October

Excuse the poor light it's very cloudy here today and the flash made them look even worse. Oh and in case your wondering what those threads are at the side, I started the BS so I could roll the frame down and parked the thread out of the way at the side.
Mum's getting there slowly BTW, she's still in alot of pain but the Morphine is doing it's job and making it bearable, we go back to the frature clinic on Monday to find out the results of the blood test

Monday, September 29, 2008

Whoooo craft pics!

So after 2 very packed days in London we headed to Nottingham to visit Lorchen (those who have been around since the year dot will know who I mean). Saturday night we drooled over her collection of quilts and felt honoured to be shown them all. Sunday was a lesson in how to make fabric postcards and because we had no plans to mail them they got fabric on the back

All together

My favorite one, I love the way the stars show through on the cats chest

Tonight Mel came home with these from cadets, she is now officially a Corporal

Tomorrow I'll bore you all stupid again with pics from a day out on Friday to a castle in Wales that had Steam trains before returning to normal stitching posts :)

Sunday Afternoon

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, I wonder who was more comfortable

London day 2

After a trip to Kensington so Liz could replace her phone we headed to the Natural History Museum and did the Earth part first. To get there you journey through the centre of the Earth

This one gives you a better view of the walls, on the left are the constellations and the solar system is on the right

This has to be the biggest fossil I've ever seen

T-Rex skull

Ancient Roman Marbles

Just about the only bit of the animal section I had time to see

When in London we always have a visit to Harrods esp. when the Christmas section is open, I didn't get to check to see if my ooppps in the white room is still visable this time

We spent the evening back at Liz's where I had my first attempt at patchwork making a freindship block and it was in the truest sense of the word, I would never had managed it without Liz's help as the instrutions in the pack weren't that good

After we'd finished that we both started Lizzie Kate's Living with Charm double flip it's before bed which I've totally forgotten to take a pic of!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

London day 1 again

This pic really belongs with the ones from Canary Wharf but I missed it, I've never seen a paramedic on a bike before! Oh and see that car in the background, it's a Lambourgini (sp?) and you could enter a draw to drive it for a weekend

We got off the boat at Waterloo and going up the slope from the river gave a perfect view of Westminster and Big Ben

You emerge right under the London Eye (very expensive for what it is!)

We started to explore the Southbank and I was over joyed to find a Carousel

After a walk round the food fair that was happenning we walked to Trafalger Square, I did take one of Nelson but it was dark and you couldn't see anything really so I took one of a fountain as well

After Dinner and a walk through Soho we went down Carnaby Street

And past the London Palladium before heading back to Liz's for bed

London day 1

Yet again it's taken me over a week to post these still I hope you enjoy them.

The day started with a trip to The City (Threadneedle st etc, sorry no pics) then we got on the Docklands Light Railway where they have driverless trains and just to prove it we sat right at the front and took a pic :)
Our destination was Canary Wharf

After there we went to the Docklands museum and went round the Jack the Ripper exhibition they have on right now, very interesting but no pics as they weren't allowed
Next we went to Greenwich with the hope of visiting the Observatory and the Meredian line but it had already closed :(
So we walked down the side of the Thames towards the Millennium Done (now the O2 arena)

Then we walked back down the same stretch of the Thames and got on one of the boats to Waterloo passing Canary Wharf

Under Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

St Paul's Catheral (you can only see the top from the river)

Because we packed a lot into the day I'm splitting the pics over two posts to aid loading

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blackpool Illuminations (pic heavy)

Yes I know it's taken me over a week to post these but hey, better late than never :) Some of these are a little out of focus but we were in a moving car and I couldn't always stop long enough to get good pics

We parked up and had a walk along the pier and posed for the customary stupid pic in one of those things you stick your head through