Monday, January 04, 2021

January 1st starts

 Last year and this year I started doing a new beading start on January 1st.

This year’s beading start is the peacock bauble from Spellbound beads which was a Christmas gift from my parents

And my stitching start is Cirque des Triangles from Ink Circles.

The fabric is a custom dye from Sparklies and I’m using good old DMC

And Since today is Monday and I’m looking after Elliot here’s a pic of him to end 

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Review of 2020

 I thought I’d do a quick recap of 2020 

I started the year with 26 projects of which I finished 2

I started 26 projects (which I didn’t realise was the same as I started out with until I looked to write this!) of those 26 I finished 21 leaving me 5 to carry over to this year so I ended the year with 29 🙁

I don’t time myself anymore but because of a group I joined on Facebook I count stitches instead and I did a total of 138,370 not inc Jan because for some reason I didn’t record the months total.  The best month was March due to a team challenge which I’m pleased to say my team won 🙂

I’ve made an effort to blog more the last few months and will continue to do that and hope to get back to taking part in TUSAL, gifted gorgeousness and hermit weekends assuming they all still run, well I know hermit weekends do on Facebook.

I took my annual ort jar pics on Jan 1st before emptying them and finding them their annual bath

And lastly this popped up on my feed so I stole it and I’m sharing it with you all as a new year blessing