Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Finished Apple

I actually finished this off a couple of weeks ago but have only just got round to posting about it :(  

Autumn's Hidden Treasure from Oak Tree Crafts only mine has a slightly different name because it was originally a class project unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the class at the time although it was booked and paid for well in advance it was around the time my Father In Law passed away and his send off was on class day.
It took me over 2 years to get round to working on it!

In case your wondering why it's a hidden treasure.... it's a box I took the lid off to get a decent pic of it but it never crossed my mind to take one of the inside of the box, silly me

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy dance time

I finished them :) :) :)

First the last bit I did to finish them 

And the overall finish :)

Silver Lining's Daffodils
28 Count Dove Grey, stitched over one.
Started 7 January 2004
Completed 25 February 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Last Daffs progress piccie :)

I did far better than I expected last weekend considering I only really had Sunday to work on it.

Next time you see this it will be complete so dig out your dancing shoes and give them a polish :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feburary Gifted Gorgeousness

Gifted Gorgeousness  is the brain child of Jo the idea is that we use those things in our stash that have been gifted to us over the years so they actually get to see the light of day and receive some love, it might be a chart, a skein of thread, a piece of fabric or even some of the trimmings.

This year I decided that I'd try and keep up with the monthly challenge over on Needlecraft Heaven

January's challenge was this freebie although it has 2016 on it was easy enough to change to 2017.
I used a couple of Needle Necessities from my stash and a piece of silver lurex linda (that's not made any more sadly) the purple is in the backgound is my backing fabric.
How does it qualify for GG I hear you ask, well first off it's a freebie so a gift from the designer and second I sent it to Teejay who loves penguins as a surprise gift and he was as excited to get some post as he was to get the ornament :) lastly my fella gifted me with a scrap pack of fabric and I used a piece of it for the back of the ornament

The rest of the gallery is here

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Daffs progress

 I forgot to post again last week :(  so once again I'm playing catch up but in a way it's a good thing because you (and I) get to see just how much I got done in a weekend

After Feb 4 /5

And after Feb 11/12

I'm hoping that this coming weekend I'll get this area finished but since I'm out all day Saturday it may not happen so I'll be happy if I can back stitch the tall leaf  and get some of the last leaf stitched

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Cake decorating

Today was WI craft group and we had one of our members who is a very skilled cake decorator showed us a few basic techniques some of which you may remember from last year

First a basic swirl in buttercream

And then a buttercream rose

Then it was time to play with the sugar paste
First we did a plain base then added flowers from a mould mine's a petunia

Next was a rose and rose bud on a textured background

Then a stencil and dusting powder

Lastly a different type of mould using the left over white from the stencil one above that had been slightly coloured from the dusting powder, I picked a dahlia

And here they are all together

There were cakes left over so I brought a few home along with a piping bag full of buttercream so I can practice a little bit more

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

More of the apple

I made the large apple blossom motif's

and the small ones

Closer view of the two of them

The stalk and leaf are ready to assemble the lid

And a rough idea of how they all join together

Friday, February 03, 2017

Last and first TUSAL

I'm a few days late posting my rubbish pics this new moon the plus side of that is there is more to look in the bottom of my jars :)

But first my orts on Jan 1st from 2016, me beading orts didn't get added to at all so it wasn't worth taking a pic of those.

My first TUSAL pic of this year.
I've added ones from Quaker Book, NH Jan Challenge (which I've yet to blog about), Round Robin, My Ark and a model from AAN that I can't share

and my beading orts all that green on the top is from the apple

IF you still have no idea what the Totally Useless Stitch A Long is all about wander over to Daffycat to find out more

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Daffs progress

I've not been updating my progress on the Daffs :( not quite sure why but I have been taking the pics so here they are

As they ended 2016

After Jan 7/8

After Jan 14/15

After Jan 21/22

And last but not least after Jan 25/26 which was of course last weekend

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

January progress and February goals

For January I said
Start the Quaker book I got for Christmas  Yep, I completed the covers
Not go mad with new starts  I had 5 one of which is a model
Get my RR done  Yes I just need to send it now
Work on hexie flowers   I've done a couple
Sell some stash   Yep a few things found new homes

For February I'd like to
Finish the Daffs
Get the model at least half done
Get my meet up exchange stitched, made up and sent
Work on hexie flowers
Sell some stash

I stitched for 98 Hours 10 minutes in January had 5 new starts and 2 finishes both of which were new starts and I spent time with a needle in my hand every day

Current PHD count = 28