Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Jane

Yesterday I took my parents and fella all the way to Lincolnshire to see Just Jane at Lincolnshire Aviation an almost 300 mile round trip, I must be mad!!!

I took loads of pics both of the Jane and the display in the hanger but was way to tired last night to do anything with them.
I still have loads to go through but here a few to be getting on with

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Yesterday was the New Moon which means time to post pictures of rubbish once more :)

My normal jar has had orts from Art Deco Sunrise, Flower Tender, 2 exchange projects, Daffs, penguins and some sewing cotton since my last update.

And my beading orts have seen something other than white added to it

Find out about the TUSAL here

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash June report

This month I've spent some of my budget, got some free stuff and carried on selling off things I no longer want :)

First the new stash......
I had my annual weekend gtg early in the month and a few of us spent the Saturday out and about first stop was Spellbound and then we went to a couple of quilting shops, the second one has a stitching shop a few doors down and I left with the small Sunflower kit.
The big Sunflower came from Hobbycraft on the Monday morning as I came home, the 2 ladies I pick up at the station and I have a tradition of calling there for a wander round and then lunch before I drop them off.  Well there was a sale on and it's a Sunflower, need I say more?
The penguin kit came from my little local shop who is cutting down her XS stock so I had a look through the sale box (it would be rude not to!) and found it half price and knew right away I had to get it for Teejay.   Going by the exceptions it's not included in my spend because it's a gift and it's started, pic will up this weekend.

The turtles and thread are payment for the model stitching I will be doing soon for Sparklies so didn't cost me anything other than time.   The Sunflower chart came from one of the other ladies and the other items were free to a good home 

In total I spent £21.48

New starts from stash = 3.  2 for exchanges that I can't share yet (both finished) and the Penguins above
PHD's worked on = Daffodils, Art Deco Sunrise and Flower Tender
£ spent = £21.48
Budget left = £111.60 - £21.48 = £90.12    (I had £91.60 carried forward + £20 for June)

July is going to be another spending month as I'm off to a GTG at the Nimble Thimble in a couple of weeks :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chatsworth again also pic heavy

I decided to split the pics over 2 posts to make life a little easier

This is the bed that King George 2nd died in, the curtains are silk and although it looks tiny it's actually about 6ft square

Our coach broke down on the way there so we arrived later than expected and of course a knock effect of that was that we didn't really have time to do anything other than the guided tour of the house so no pics of the garden

Chatsworth (pic heavy)

I've been on a WI trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire today and here are a few of the pics I took

If you've every watched The Duchess parts of it were filmed at Chatsworth and in particular the wedding in the chapel

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flower Tender progress

This week has seen me working on Flower Tender for the first time since April :( but I at least made good progress on him.
I think another 3 weeks of work on him should see him finished but when those 3 weeks will happen I have no idea!

You will probably have noticed the absence of any progress on the Daffs over the last few weeks that's because there hasn't been any!    Partly due to the exchange stitching I've had to get done and partly because I reached the point of not being able to face any more over one stitching :(  I'm still not sure if I can face it again or not but it's going to be a week or more before I have to cross that bridge

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend progress

I'm really happy with the amount I got done over the weekend on Art Deco Sunrise, I'm thinking it'll be done by the end of July

Because Rosie appeared a few days ago and Baby hasn't had her pic on here for the biggest part of a long time here's one of her asleep this afternoon.
That looks really uncomfortable but it's can't be cause she stayed like that for at least an hour

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rosie pics

It's been a while since I posted pics of Rosie but I've still been taking them so here are a few from the last month or so.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last weekend's progress

Sorry folks can't share a pic of last week's stitching because it's for an exchange but I can share my progress on Art Deco Sunrise from the weekend.
It was the annual weekend gtg I go to each year so good progress was made.

I'm thinking I've maybe got 4/5 weekends left till a happy dance 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spiral ropes

Both of these were finished months ago after sitting half done for months in my travelling work box, I finally got fed up with seeing them there and did something about it.
The pink/purple version will probably end up as a gift at some point as it's really not my colour but the white/multi one I love.
They were both started at craft fairs and would of been out for sale but we have stopped fairs now so I get to keep one and gift one

Monday, June 02, 2014

Last weeks progress

Last week was Daffs week but I didn't get much done on it :(  being out 3 evenings bowling really cuts into your stitching time!

And weekend progress on Art Deco Sunrise

Sunday, June 01, 2014

May progress & June Goals

For May I said
Get Art Deco Sunrise half done     I'm not quite there but it's not far off
Decide on my Birthday start    I started Sun Sampler
Keep stitching from stash  Yep, Sun Sampler was ll from stash as was the card for fella's birthday

For June I'd like to
Get Art Deco Sunrise almost finished
Get my card exchange stitched and sent sooner rather than later
Get my coaster exchange stitched and sent sooner rather than later
Plod on with the daffs and not lose the plot with the over one

I stitched for 67 hours 12 minutes in May, a little down on April but it's been a busy month and of course Mum was in hospital for the first 10 days which makes a difference.   I had 2 new starts and 2 finishes one of which was a new start and 2 days of no stitching.

Current PHD total = 30