Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bit of an allsorts post

I've not had internet since Friday until today so this is going to be a bit of catch up post

First up is the TUSAL jar at DBF's modelled by the very lovely Scruffy who always keeps my lap warm when I'm there

Since I remembered to take my camera for the TUSAL pic I thought I'd take one of my current project, Peony in close up

I went to one of my beading groups last week and we had a quick demo on how to make a box, sorry for the glare

I've finished 2 bracelets.  The top one is a Russian Spiral (I learnt this stitch years ago as netted rope and didn't realise it was the same one till I started!) the bottom one is a Chevron bracelet 

I've made some decent progress on my beaded CdC

And of course on Scary Book

I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something so I'll come back when I remember

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TUSAL time

It's TUSAL posting day so here's mine :)

This time orts have been added from Needle & Thread, Scary Book, The Castle, Christmas Peace ornie, Biscornu for an exchange, Teddy Birthday card, 4 Season's Sampler and of course some Nymo and fireline from beading projects.

Once again I have forgotten to get a pick of my jar at DBF's, one of these days I'll remember.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress reports

The last couple of weeks have been ones with lots of little things going wrong.
It all started when the door hinge on the washer broke but it was only on the bottom so it was still usable, enter Mel who managed to break it off completely.
DBF comes along and fixes that and in the process discovers that the dampers have gone (suspension for the non technical folks) so after some searching round and a visit to the local market stall that stocks everything you can think of for washers, dryers, hoovers etc we got a new set of those and he fitted them.
Next the drum decided it wasn't going to spin, so out comes the washer again and after reading the book borrowed from ExH (Haynes Washing machine manual Saves you a fortune let me tell you ) DBF concludes it's the motor so he takes it apart thinking I need new brushes again but thank goodness after a good clean all was well.
Next it decides to leak when I use it, thankfully another easy fix with a cable tie, the outlet pipe had dropped to low to drain properly.
Now it's making the most awful noise cause the bearing has gone, the noise I can just about live with as it only does it on the final spin out what I can't live with is the grease spots it's putting on the clean washing so no more washing till it's fixed again. 

And in the midst of that the clutch has gone on my car so I've been trying to find a clutch kit for less than £100 so DBF and his brother can fix it (normally a job for Dad but he's had an op on his foot and can't do anything yet for at least another month.

But at least I've had my stitching to keep me sane until I had to frog over one that is
I was quite happily working away on 4 Seasons Sampler and started the tulips in the centre, thinking that before the weekend arrived and I switched to Scary Book I'd be able to get them done.
I'd done 2 of the blue bits and sat there wondering why there was the right size gap on the left and a huge one on the right.  Turns out I'd stitched Train in the wrong place so out it had to come along with the 2 blue bits and after that I couldn't face it any more till next month.

Speaking of Scary Book here's my progress from the weekend and touch wood nothing else will go wrong this week or I'll have to break out the hair dye to hide the grey hairs!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

An update and a finish

Not huge amounts of progress on Scary Book this weekend as I spent most of it at DBF's and I have a project there to work on

And this was the one I was working on and managed to finish on Sunday morning.
I have quite a lot of wall space in my kitchen and decided it was about time I did something about it.
I found a kit with 3 different food items dirt cheap at a show and I finally got round to making a start on them at DBF's last month.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Couple of quick finishes

This is another one of those little kits that I took to DBF's to stitch up and when he saw it he asked if I would stitch it in time for him to give to his youngest DD for her birthday tomorrow.
So earlier this week it came back home and I sat and stitched it today.
It's a cover kit from Cross Stitcher Sept 1996! 

This is yet another kit stitched at DBF's only I finished this a month ago brought it home and only got round to mounting it in the card today when I did the other one!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bear & Box progress

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the legs of my bear and after that I carried on for a while to make the arms and the first of the body parts

I kinda hit a wall once I'd done the first body part and didn't want to work on the bear any more so worked on my mad idea for a few days then went back to the Dragon box and here's the progress on that as of this morning

It's back to the bear again now and hopefully I'll stay with it until it's done but you never know

Monday, February 06, 2012

More Scary Book

Here's this week's update on Scary Book.
I spent most of last week working on an exchange project so had nothing to share which is why I was quiet.

I'll be back tomorrow with some beading updates

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January progress & February goals

For Jan I said

UFO RR  Done
Pick a new TW Monday project  I went with The Castle
Pick a new weekend project  Scary Book won this one
Not start more than 5 GFJ projects  I started 7 projects altogether but have finished 4 of them (3 in Jan and one today)

For Feb I'd like to

Stitch an Ornament
Get my exchange project done and mailed early
The fob from Needle and Thread would be nice
Birthday card for DBF's DD

I stitched every day in Jan with a total of 90 hours 12 minutes.  I had 7 new starts and 4 finishes 3 of which were new starts.

Current PHD total - 34