Friday, March 31, 2017

Model revealed at last

Last year around October time I spotted a post on Facebook about model stitching for magazines and because it's something I've done many times before I decided to apply.
Many emails were exchanged and I eventually got a couple of projects sent out to me one of those has now appeared in print :)

My not very good pic of him

And here he is in the magazine, issue 272 of Cross Stitch Collection (the final issue)

You may of noticed that mine doesn't have the beads on it that's because they weren't sent to me 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

And another egg is done

This one is It's a Nest Egg a worksheet from Oak Tree Crafts.

When I mentioned to Mum that it was eggs this month she said you can do one of mine so I did :)
Mum picked the colours from her stash but it was up to me to decide in what order I used them.
I think it turned ok and Mum loves it

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Second Gyro egg is finished

This one is a little larger than my first one but still uses the tutorial from Eva Maria Keiser
I wanted to make this one with solid sections in and it took a little brain power to figure it out so they fitted together, I also knew I wanted plenty of colour in it and had originally decided on just 4 but when I sat down to start that didn't happen and I ended up with 8 colours.

I think I managed to get all the colours in, the scissors are for scale

Lastly one of both eggs together 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Gifted Gorgeousness is the brain child idea of Jo.  The general idea is to use those items in our stash that have been gifted to us over the years or that is being given as a gift

First for me this month is the Needlecraft Haven Monthly challenge from Feburary.
Christine picked out this freebie for us we could pick which one we wanted to do or stitch both if the mood struck.  Fella saw me print them out and commented how much he liked this one so I stitched it and made it into a little hanging pillow for him.

Next came opening day for the meet exchange over on Needlecraft Haven.

This is the one I sent out to Justine

And the one I received from Tina

Believe it or not that bar of Chocolate is still sat in the fridge it's not that I don't like it but being diabetic I rarely eat it but bowling season kicks off soon so I can enjoy a little before I go and play 

Such a pretty lining fabric

And lastly some progress on My Ark for Fella's grandson

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gyro egg finish

I'm a member of a beading group on facebook and each month they run a challenge, it's entirely personal choice to take part and this month I have :)
This month it's eggs ready for Easter, we have patterns written for us by fellow members, lots of links to free patterns online as well as several you tube videos.

I settled on a Gyro Egg in the end a free pattern from Eva Maria Keiser and looking round her website I can see several other future projects.

This is the sort project I really enjoy and a second one is planned :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fanfare pendant

I spotted this made up on Southampton Bead Shop's stand at a craft show I went to last month and fell in love with it.
Turns out it's a free pattern when you buy the beads needed so fella and I spent 15 mins or so working out the combo added some seed beads from my stash and here's the result

It's actually been finished and sitting on my bead mat for about 5 weeks now :(  it accidentally got covered over with other things and rediscovered when I had a tidy up

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Late TUSAL :(

TIme got away from me and I completely missed posting my TUSAL on Feb 26 it wasn't until posts starting popping up in my reader (I'm behind there as well!) I realised, oh well better late than never.

My main orts jar I've added orts from a model, Daffs, Needlecase exchange (something I've yet to blog about!!) NH monthly challenge (another one I've not blogged about!!!!!) and My Ark

And my beading orts lots of black from a finish I can't share until the end of August and lots of white from the gyro egg that'll be up in a day or two (it's already written and scheduled) oh and a pendant (that's also written)

Friday, March 10, 2017

New weekend project

I was undecided which project would replace the Daffs at weekends but fella dropped massive hints about finishing the birth sampler for his new Grandson so I went that.

Here it is as it started out

And after the first weekend on it

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Congratulations Mel

Mel has been promoted at Cadets and is now a Staff Sargent :) :) :) 

Not only that but she now is also a detachment commander :) :) :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February progress & March goals

For February I said
Finish the Daffs    Done :)
Get the model at least half done   Not quite but not far off :(
Get my meet up exchange stitched, made up and sent   Done :)
Work on hexie flowers   Yep a few more added to the pile
Sell some stash  A couple of things were rehomed

For March I'd like to
Finish the model
Pick a new weekend project
Stitch the on the last RR
Start something new
Work on hexie flowers
Sell some stash

I stitched for 96 hours 14 minutes in February, not bad going for a month that's 3 days shorter.  I had 3 new starts and 4 finishes 3 of which were the new starts and I had time with a needle everyday

Current PHD total = 27

Jo asked of the Daffs was my oldest PHD and sadly no it's not I have a few that don't have a start year noted which means they were started before 1 Jan 2004 and one of them is as old as Mel is