Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hot Cocoa Cafe

The last stitches have gone in on the Hot Cocoa Cafe of Santa’s village 🙂 which of course means the village is now complete

I started the village when the charts where released back in 2012.  I had them on auto ship along with the weeks and gentle art threads but I chose not to add the buttons.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Elves workshop

I decided it was about time I finished Santa’s village off so I pulled it out earlier in the week and made a start on the Elves workshop.
Apart from the French knots and a little bit of the red in the top border I finished it yesterday.

I’d made a start on Hot Cocoa cafe before I thought about taking a pic!
So fingers crossed by the end of this week at the latest I will have the entire village complete inc. all the French knots

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Rainbow hearts

As you know rainbows are appearing in windows all over the UK in support of our wonderful NHS staff ( we really need something for the other key workers as well).
Well I can’t draw at all even something as simple as a rainbow is beyond my skill level but I can stitch 🙂
A few days ago I was doing my daily 10 minute tidy up in the back bedroom ready for fella to turn it into a craft room while he’s off work next week and came across a chart I’ve had for around 28/29 years now!!  It’s from an early issue of Needlecraft magazine (said magazine was what got me into stitching 29 years ago in June) and it fitted the bill.
Quick root round in the Aida box and a couple of minutes pulling the thread and one day of stitching time while on lockdown and here it is.

It’s now in the front window and I need to do another one for my Mum to put in her window

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Stay Safe stars

One of the beading groups on Facebook offered a free bead along to help pass the time while the world is in lockdown so I of course had to do it.
We were given colours to use but encouraged to use our own, these are my own and apart from tine silver and gold I had a root in my drawer and used leftovers.

The left hand one is the original pattern the right hand one is exactly the same pattern but assembled in reverse.
If you want a go at making your own the company is DiMarca online and if you follow the link to the website you’ll find the link to their fb page where the pattern is BUT it’s only free until April 9 after that you’ll have to part with your ££ for it

Friday, April 03, 2020

Sunflower progress

I pulled out a few phds and got Andy to pick one and he went with this trouble is I struggle to work on it for any length of time so a few days is my limit but I’ve made enough progress this time to be happy.

For some odd reason known only to my iPad and/or blogger it loaded the pics the wrong way round!
This is the before and shows off the fabric colour really well.

It’s a DMC kit that I bought cheap at a show years ago and I switched from the black Aida included in the kit to Fildais from Sparklies