Sunday, November 30, 2008

A WIP pic just to prove I still work on them

The only thing I seem to have posted the last couple of weeks have been ornaments finishes and I do have another one to share just not today.
Anyway I took part in the Friday night SAT over on Let's Stitch again this week and here's the result. I'd love to be able to carry on with it this week but it's not to be sadly :( I have another ornament that I need to get done for an exchange and I have a Birth Sampler to get done ASAP for a customer of my LNS but I plan on taking it away with me next weekend when I go down to Joy's neck of the woods for a GTG

And if you want to see the before pic it's in this post

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowman exchange again

Sharon let me know a couple of days ago that she had received the Snowman exchange I sent her, the fabric behind is the backing

Just a little Snowman

Twisted Threads

2003 JCS Ornament issue

The rest of the goodies

I had so much fun buying the goodies for this and got way more than needed but I do have a love of Snowmen anyway so I'll use them myself

Vonna has also let me know that she has received the scissors she won in my recent giveaway along with the Snowflake I made but I completely forgot to take a pic of it so you'll have to wander over to her blog to see it

Mel's knee is much better now, it bleed through the bandage for a couple more days but it's not done it again and she down to a plaster on it now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowman exchange and an ouch

Don't scroll all the way to the end of this post if you don't like the sight of blood
At some point yesterday a postman tried to deliver a signed for package but with being at the Celtic Winter Fayre most of the week I wasn't home so this morning I dashed off to the sorting office before I left to find out what it was.
It's my Snowman exchange :) but I'm not sure who sent it as there's no note! But I think it might be Rachael given that I know she's also taking part and it's signed with an R.
He's adorable and I love him to bits already

The rest of the goodies

Mel has volunteered to eat the 2 chocolate snowmen because I'm not supossed to but they are both my favourite one so she's out of luck although I may let her lick the wrapper lol

Stop here if you don't like blood

Mel had a little ooppps at Cadet's tonight while doing PT, she tripped and ripped her knee open. From what she was telling me on the way home they had a hard time stopping the bleeding and when we got home and I had a look it had bleed through the dressing again :( Thank goodness we have a 24hr supermarket a few minutes away so I could go out and get more dressing's for it. It's still numb some 2 hours later and she can't bend her knee properly either

The most annoying thing is that she was due to go to camp on Saturday morning to do the PT part of a BTEC course done through Cadets and now she can't go and won't be able to go until the next one which is a year away.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I sent a snowman off today

To somewhere only I know (well OK Sharon knows as well but only because she put the exchange together) Hope my partner likes it

My biggest problem for this exchange was to stop buying goodies!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A little Happy Dance

I took part in my first SAT over on Let's Stitch last night and I carried on working on this years ornament for my Parents. I didn't quite finish him by Midnight but an hour this morning to add the beads and the stitching is done.


JBW Designs

2004 JCS Ornament Issue

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And now for the WIP's

The day after the puter got sick I had a little Happy Dance with Fantasy Sampler. I finished the greenery border at last, I really didn't enjoy stitching that part of it and decided to bite the bullet and get it over and done with or I'd leave until the end

Then I worked on Bigger Stash, there's not much left to do now and I'll be happy dancing with it next month. Looking at the model the your (our on mine) is level with Stash and not below it so I'm probably going to frog that next month as I'm not happy with it as it is

Next I worked on LHN My Needleswork, again I'll hopefully have a happy dance with this next month

After that I did my Snowman ornament for the exchange I'm doing so I can't post him yet, last mailing day is Monday so maybe 10 days or so from now he'll be up.
Next I worked on the Quaker Freebie that was my New WIP for a new house. I completed the bottom left motif, the one above it and the numerals this time.

And lastly I made a fair few beaded Snowflakes, ths isn't the best of pics but I didn't think and just grabbed the top one off the pile!

I'm fixed, Yay

Puter was fixed late Tuesday afternoon but between getting it sorted to how I wanted it, uploading software and being out most of yesterday I've not had chance to get pics sorted of the stitching I got done while it was sick.

First we have the Ornament I sent out for the CSC Exchange I'm really pleased with how it turned out, the fabric behind is the backing.
This ornament represents a milestone for me, I mastered my sewing machine :) For years I've not been able to sew in a straight line on a machine despite my Mum's patience in teaching me, it's Thanks to Liz and Lorchen and all the hints and tips that I did it

Merry Mooseness
Something in Common
JCS 2002 Ornament issue

This is the one I received from Kristina it's a Sweetheart Tree designs from a JCS Ornament issue but I have no idea which, I love it and it's going to hang seperately from the tree

And lastly a few days ago I received my prize from Susan the orginal giveaway included a box of chocolate but I said that she should eat them herself or give them to someone else as I'm Diabetic and they prob. wouldn't of made the trip over the pond very well so she included some GAST instead. The pics doesn't pick up how much the keyring sparkles when the light hits it but it's dull here today and this was the best I could do

I'll be back later with WIP pics but right now I'm going to have lunch

Friday, November 07, 2008

Puter is still sick :(

A different guy has been this morning and replaced the memory and the puter still wouldn't start up cause the hard drive is fried. The guy that came on Tuesday had one with him and should of picked up on it and replaced it but for whatever reason he didn't. So I'm still on Mel's until next Tuesday but she doesn't know it yet.

I'm not complaining too much tho, I'm getting loads of stitching done and I'm on project #4 already and should finish it tomorrow.

Oh and I went for my eye test yesterday and I need new glasses, my eye's aren't working together as they should which is why my focus goes after a while and why I've been suffering an almost constant headache for the last few months

Edited to add that yes I have picked out my new glasses and I pick them up next Thursday morning and rather unsurprisingly the frames are purple :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Puter update

The guy has been this morning and my memory is shot (no smart comments Heather or Mel). He didn't have a big enough one with him so had to order one and someone will be back to fit it on Friday so I'm on Mel's for a few more days which is no bad thing really cause I'm flying through my WIP's.

October progress & November goals

For October I said
Finish the Orchids Done
Make good progress on Fantasy Sampler Not as much as I hoped but I did finish the greenery border (pic when my puter is fixed)
Stitch an Ornament Done and mailed
UFO RR Done and mailed
No new starts other than the ornament It was tough at times but I did it

For November I'd like to
Make good progress on Fantasy Sampler (need to really if I'm going to finish by the end of the year)
Stitch at least one ornament
Finish something

October turned out to be a good month for me, I stitched for a total of 107 hours 11 minutes, had 3 finishes and 1 new start which was one of the finishes.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

And the winner is...........

The names are ready
The independent witness checks all is well

And the winner is

Congratulations Vonna
I would of done the draw yesterday as planned but Mel came home sick from her friends and crashed out on the sofa. Thank you to all that entered and stay tuned, it's my Blogoversary in just over a month so you never know

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My puter is toast

It played silly beggers with me yesterday and kept turning it's self off after giving me a blue screen so I called about it and they told me to take it to my local store so they could do a back up for me but that it would cost me a small fortune so I thought I'd see if if I could do it myself first. I did manage to get it to stay on long enough to save my pics and files to disc (with Mel running up and down the stairs to check everything had transferred ok on her puter). Last night I thought I'd see if it would play ball long enough for me to check my email but no luck so I called back and was told to do a distructive recovery which I did and it failed miserably, now my puter won't even start up :( I've just been on the phone again and my hard drive has had it so there's a guy coming to fix it on Tuesday.
I'm using my account on Mel's puter right now (she stayed at a friends last night) and will try and get back on again if I can.

I'll do the draw for the scissors this afternoon when Mel is home and I'll do pics but it may be a day or two until I can post again