Friday, February 28, 2014

Couple of beading finish's

I've been working on my Dragon Robe this last week or so and because it's quite large, well the chart for it is, it's difficult to take to beading group with me so on Monday I pulled out a kit to take with me thinking that I had 3 different groups to attend this week so I'd get it finished by the end of the last one.
By the end of Monday's group I had one side complete and the other side half done, at Tuesday morning's group I finished the other side and almost got it put together!  An hour or so on Wednesday morning saw me finish it off.

Swanson Scissor Keep from Spellbound

Also on Tuesday morning I was given the instructions for this cross and it was one of those projects that really talked to me so I decided to work on it at Thursday's group and by the end of the day I had a complete cross. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash February post and IHSW

It's time to report what I have/haven't spent this month for the Stitch from Stash challenge hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching 

But first here's my progress on Birds and Bees from last week.
I'm thinking I've got maybe 3 weeks worth of stitching left so I should be done about Mid April but don't quote me on that :)

And my IHSW progress on Winter Wingding, as normal last weeks progress pic is this weekend before pic.
Apart from the border I've reached the bottom of it now

We had an exemption weekend for Nashville market and I didn't spend a penny not that I didn't want to but I resisted temptation!!

January 25 - February 26
New Starts from Stash = 2.  Happy Holidays and one I can't share yet
PHD's worked on = 4, Tree Farm, Birds & Bees, Winter Wingding and Sunflowers
PHD's finished = 2, Tree Farm and the one I can't share
£ spent = Zero
Budget left = £34.60. £14.60 from Jan and £20 for Feb

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beading finishes

First is a Butterfly bracelet of Mum's that she gave me to do over a year ago when I moved and only had Christmas projects handy!
It's kit from Oak Tree Crafts and was a fairly quick make

Next is a pair of earrings that came as a limited edition kit from Katie Dean the bows are much brighter really 

And lastly my £1.41 (plus vouchers) bead shop :)
I've made a start on one of the projects I got the beads for and in fact I'm halfway through it but it's herringbone so grows really quickly.
I'm using the dark 11's on the right and the bronze ones in the bag for it

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitching updates

I'll never win awards for inventive post titles will I not that I'm bothered but I can't ever seem to come up with good one.

Last week I worked on Sunflower and reached the bottom of it and it's now at full width 

And of course Winter Wingding from the weekend.
I didn't get much done at all, Saturday I went to Spellbound to spend my Christmas vouchers on the last day of the sale and now have enough beads to complete 3 projects and a kit to make up and in £ terms I parted with the grand total of £1.41
Sunday was just generally a busy day pottering about getting things done and then when I did sit down to stitch I found it hard to settle.
So all in all not much progress was made but I should remedy that this next weekend during IHSW

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fondant fancies again

I finally got round to finishing off the Frost Fancy from Christmas, it took 2 boxes of 'research' this time to get the right colour :)

And here it is with it's friends.

Later this year I plan to make a plate for them

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beading catch up post

I've had a few beading finishes this year that I haven't shared mostly because I forgot!

First is Dragonesque pen, I love the colours in this it's so bright and cheerful

I've made myself another layered bead, eventually I plan on having lots of these in different colours

A couple of days ago I finished the pieces for Pam's Poppy for her 1914-2014 Wreath project.
I'm late with it so I'll send it back as it is and she will make it up

And lastly the start of my 2014 bead mat.
I could not face more diamonds this year so went with squares which are much easier

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend progress

I think I've just about hit the halfway point now.

I'm going to schedule a post for tomorrow while the internet is working, it's been playing up for months now but it's got worse this week and I have an engineer coming out on Friday so fingers crossed it'll be fixed and I'll have a decent speed instead of one that at times is slower than the dial up I had 10 years ago!!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Birds and the Bees

I've gone back to alternate weeks on projects now that Lewis is done and I've started the projects I wanted to in January.
One week I'll work on a focus project the next whatever calls loudest esp. from the new starts.
I started this last week and have gone with The Birds and the Bees as my focus project.

My starting point

The area I worked on

Overall pic

I was hoping to finish the bees off in that area but with being at my Daughters for a couple of days to look after Teejay while she had an op meant it wasn't to be but Teejay and I had a fun day while the op took place.

This evening I watched the pairs figure skating and Rosie was quite taken with the Italian pair, they were the only ones she watched

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

New weekend project

With finishing the tree farm last weekend I was of course in need of a new project to spend my weekends with so Saturday morning I sat down and went through my PHD's and pulled out 3 that were talking to me.   Fella gave me his opinion but in the end I went with the one talking loudest, Winter Wingding from Blue Ribbon Designs.

My starting point

And how it looked after the weekend

I think this is going to be a fairly quick stitch 

Monday, February 03, 2014


A very quick, very short post to share my progress last week on my first TW Tiny for the SAL.

Happy Holidays, I'll finish it at some point this month

Saturday, February 01, 2014

January progress & February Goals

For January I said
Finish Lewis Hamilton  Yes 
Finish my exchange project and get it posted on time Yes 
Not start more than 3 Guilt Free Jan projects Yes, Flower Tender, Thread Bear and Sunflower
Decide on and start my first TW for the SAL Yes, I went with Happy Holidays

For February I'd like to
Make good progress on my new weekend project
Pick a focus project
Finish my TW 
Keep stitching from stash

I had a really good month in January and was very surprised to have my stitching time add up to 118 hours 21 minutes!   I stitched every day and had 5 new starts and 4 finishes one of which was a new start (Stitching days for the exchange).

Current PHD total = 33