Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I meant to post and didn't

You know how it is, you do something take a pic and think I'll blog about that later and then you promptly forget or get distracted and it doesn't happen. Well I've done a fair bit this month so now I'm playing catch up.
Last Saturday I went to a friend's 60th Birthday party and as she had dropped hints about a beaded bracelet she'd seen me wearing I decided to make her a set.
This is basic Spiral Staircase with purple on the outside and a clear silver on the inside
Yesterday I went to Llandudno on a day trip with the WI, all these were taken on the pier

I've taken a pics of Mary Busby over the last couple of weeks and not posted them so I took one this afternoon knowing I was planning on posting tonight

Same goes for Needlestory, I have 4 more bands to do

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look what I won

Claire recently had a birthday and did a giveaway to celebrate. I was lucky enough to win and on Friday morning the postman brought me this

Isn't it gorgous and the finishing is perfect.

Thank you Claire I love it

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camping Millie style

This morning I stripped my bed and it decided to rain so I put the maiden up and switched the dehumidifer on to draw water out.
This evening when I went to get the now dry duvet cover I had a giggle at Millie who decided it made a good tent :)
She looked so happy I left it there a bit longer

She will sit on anything that isn't a seat and is off the ground her favourite thing is cardboard box if I happen to leave one laying about

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The newest round of the UFO RR is underway and I'm receiving from Sophia all the way down under :)
She wrote that this alphabet will hang in her DS room when it's done, I think that will be happening before this round is finished.
Anyway this is how it arrived with me at the start of the month
And how it will leave me sometime in the next few days, I'm sending to Canada and we all know just how long things can take to get there so I'm going to try and mail early each time

As you can see I stitched the R and here's a much better view of it

Yes the rabbits are currently blind, Sophia asked that we left them off and she will do them all once her RR returns home

I'm working away on Mel's birthday present but the good news is you only have to wait a little over 3 weeks to see it finished assuming I can get it done in time to get it framed that is. Because I can only work on it during the day when she's not here and I don't have any exchanges etc left to be done I'm back on Needlestory so I have some progress to share but it can wait for another day

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a needlecase

I went to a GTG at Gina's yesterday and as a little thank you for hosting and for being very generous by feeding Paula and I breakfast this morning I beaded her a needlecase.

The pic really isn't the best and I apologise for that but it was taken at 6.45 in the morning and the only place with enough light was the window sill

The base is done in the gold beads and the top in the black

Friday, September 18, 2009

Totally Useless

It's the new moon today so that means it's TUSAL update day so here it is
I can't remember all the projects I've worked on since last month but I do know it's got bits of Mels present, UFO RR, Mary Busby, Magic in Motion and my Needleswork in

As ever the overall pic of my jar.

It had a little accident a couple of days ago, I knocked it over and the bottom of the glass smashed :( fortunately into fairly large pieces so it's ben sellotaped back together and the search for a new interesting ort jar has begun ready for next year

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I want one!

I didn't take many pics at Malpas this year but the one thing I couldn't not record was the fantastic F1 display in the model tent.
This is the bit missing of the pic above and then I went from the back of the grid to the front

I'm glad they didn't put a Ferrari on pole

In case your not a fan this one is the safety car

F1 cars past and present

And lurking on the end of the next display was a Carousel and you all know what a sucker I am for those

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mary Busby

I'm off to Malpas rally really early in the morning so I thought I better do Mary's update tonight

I'll be back sometime Sunday evening see you then

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beading again

I've been working on another little hanging ornament the last couple of days and finished it this afternoon. It looks a little wonky on the bottom right corner but it's not IRL I think it's the way the fringe is sitting

And I got a better pic of the bauble hanging

I've started on the next part of the Snowperson ornament and should have a panel done in the next few days.
I have been stitching as well but on the first UFO of the new round so no pics yet

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beading & a medal

I sat down this morning to work a little on my current beading project and ended up spending most of the day sat at the dining table.
First up I finished off one of these panels from the bottom of the waistcoat down, no idea which one and yes there are supposed to be two the same. I've now got 1/3 of the panels done, the other 4 are the rest of the family

Then I decided that I wanted a change of stitch and that I really needed to make a start on these little hangings if I was going to do what I've got planned for this year.
This is the first of many that I'm hoping to get done by the end of Nov for various things.
The colours haven't come out to well but it is symmetrical and looks really pretty IRL, maybe the next one I do will photograph better
Yesterday Mel had a swimming gala with Cadets and she won gold in the Senior Girls relay

And just to prove I have picked up my stitching and worked on it a little the last couple of days

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mary Busby

When we last saw Mary in this post I had just worked out that I had some frogging to do :(
Between being away and being busy in general I didn't touch Mary until last week when I was sick and all I did then was frogging I needed to do.
So yesterday I restarted the yellow motif and done a few other little bits on her.

I starting to think that unless she gets some serious time put in on her she's not going to be finished this year (but I'll bet Pat's is).

Sharon asked how many WIP's I have and right now it stands at 45! I do try and remember to post a current WIP total at the end of my monthly progress post so feel free to have a look each month to see if it's changed at all

Friday, September 04, 2009

Next to face finishing

Just Nan's Needlestory.
I started this on 25 March 2007 and don't really know why I put it aside, it jumped out at me while I was trying to decide what to try to finish next.
This is how it started off out of the WIP drawer
And after a few hours yesterday I'd made this much progress

It's brighter IRL and the fabric is white not bleah but it's been overcast or pouring down the last few days so not the best time to try for a pic.
I've put it down today for my normal Friday SAL on Mary Busby but I'll be back at it tomorrow, the next band is over one so there may not be huge progress on it in my next update

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another finish

My Needleswork
I started this Aug last year and finished it last night just over a year later. I have no idea what fabric it is just something cream from my stash and rest assured that the stitching is straight, it's me at fault I can't scan straight :)
I've already replaced her on my small scroll with the next WIP to face finishing, pics tomorrow

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Home Exchange part 2

Michelle has let me know that the Home exchange piece I sent her has arrived safely.

Lizzie Kate

As ever the fabric in the background is the same one I used to back it.

After stitching it for Michelle I'm really tempted to stitch it again for myself to hang both at home and in the caravan but I've been struck with the urge to finish WIPs off so I'm sticking with that for as long as it's lasts. Call back tomorrow for a pic of the on eI finished just before I got online :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August progress & September Goals

For August I said
Finish the Sunflowers Yes, WooHoo
Start Mel's birthday present Done
Pick a new UFO to send out Done
Work on a WIP or two Done

For September I'd like to
Finish another WIP
Finish Mel's present
Stitch and send Autumn exchange by mid month
Maybe stitch a Christmas ornament

I had a really, really good month in August with 102hrs 54 mins of stithing time (a huge chunk of which went on the Sunflowers).
I had 3 new starts and 4 finishes and I stitched every day.

Well whatever bug I have is still lingering on a little, I'm pretty much OK now as long as I don't move about much otherwise I feel sick and can go dizzy

Current WIP total = 46