Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash April report

First of all here's last week's progress on Hill House

March 27 - April 27
New starts from stash - 2/3 of one, Hill House the fabric and thread is from my stash the chart is a travelling one
PHD's worked on - Flower Tender, Funky Merry Christmas (finished), Birds & Bees (also finished), Hill House, Daffodils and Art Deco Sunrise
£ spent - £3 all on thread
Budget left - £71.60.  £54.60 carried forward + £17 left in April.

The £3 would of only been £1 had I not gone to drop some things off at the charity shop for my MIL and had they now had a basket with DMC and Anchor in on the counter top for 25p each!  I only bought 8 so I was good and besides it would of been rude not to as it's for my local Hospice

Friday, April 25, 2014

Frame covers

For a while now I've been wanting to make more frame covers, partly to make better friends with my sewing machine and partly because I'm always being asked where I got mine from.
Over Easter I sat down and made some and have decided that although they aren't perfect I would offer them on my blog to try and gauge interest

I'm asking £3.50 each inc uk postage if your interested in any of them please make sure I have to contact you otherwise you may miss out

All made to fit an 8 X 8 R&R frame (UK Q snap)

Waves, I currently only have one of these but with luck I'll be able to get more fabric so feel free to say if you'd like one just in case and so I know how much I need to get!

Art Deco, I have 3 of these and again might be able to get more

Hearts, I have 3 of these and enough to make another 3

Purple dots, this is darker than the pic shows and I have one of it 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Weekend project

This is Art Deco Sunrise from issue 49 of Cross Stitch Gold.
Mum bought the magazine and asked me to stitch it for her and I started it then it got ignored for years until it started to talk to me again as I worked on Merry Christmas

After the weekend it looks like this

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New focus project

With finishing The Birds and Bees I had to find a new weekly focus project and given the time of year it would of been rude to go with anything else :)

This is Daffodils from The Silver Lining.
I'm stitching this over one (what was I thinking!!) and it;s now been a PHD for 10 years so it's high time I finished it.

How it started the week off

And how it ended the week

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A start & a finish

Last week I started Hill House from LHN it's turned into a travelling pattern over on Needlecraft Haven and here's how far I got.
In keeping with Stitch from Stash I subbed colours I had for those called for that I didn't and I'm liking them so far and it's might I've finished off 2 part skeins, woo hoo.

And I finished my weekend project :)
This was last year's birthday start

My new week focus project has been picked and worked on this week and I've a pretty good idea what's next for the weekends to

Friday, April 11, 2014

Last weekends progress

I'm getting worse at posting my weekend update aren't I?  Feel free to slap me if I do it again.

Very little progress was made last weekend because I had 2 small boys running round from Saturday lunch time and I was worn out Saturday night and just about managed to stitch the pale grey without nodding off as I stitched!
On Sunday while Teejay was napping Caleb wanted to help me so it took 5 times longer to do one stitch than normal but he loved it and so did I and between us we did 47 stitches (Caleb counted)

Fingers crossed I'll finish it this weekend

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Birds and Bees finish

Hot off the frame on Saturday morning one completed Birds & Bees.
The last stitches went in a few minutes before midnight Friday night but I was to tired to take a pic then and far to busy on Saturday to iron it before taking a pic.

The Birds & The Bees
Carriage House Samplings

It's been such a fun stitch and I'm not quite sure why I put it down but it's done now and I'm really pleased with it wrinkles and all :)

Thursday, April 03, 2014


Here we are on Thursday and I'm only just now posting last weeks progress!!  Posting it on a Wednesday is bad enough to leave it another day really someone should slap me.

Last week I decided to work on Flower Tender and I'm really pleased with the amount I got done.
Last time  he appeared here I really had literally started him then put him aside to work on Lewis and apart from an hour or so one day he stayed that way until I pulled him out last Monday.

And last weekend's progress on Funky Merry Christmas

In theory I should get it finished this weekend but that may not happen as Lucy is up for the weekend with both boys so I'll be worn out by the end of the day.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March progress & April goals

For March I said
Finish Winter Wingding  Done
Start thinking about what's next at the weekends  Done and almost finished
Get Birds & Bees almost finished  Done
Keep stitching from stash  Done

For April I'd like to
Finish Birds & Bee's
Pick a new focus project
Finish Funky Merry Christmas
Pick a new weekend project
Keep stitching from stash

I stitched for 98 hours 11 minutes in March, had no new starts and 2 finishes and 1 day of no stitching thanks to a power cut.

Current PHD total = 31