Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More Cheshire Show entry

About half way there with the joining up 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Last week's stitching efforts

The Christmas Tree Farm in Santa's Village went from this

to this and makes finish number 15 for the year

And my sunflower went from this

to this

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bit more Cheshire Show entry

Once I'd made 2 of the triangles I joined them together and added the extra rows needed in final construction

Join me next time for the start of joining them all together 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Angel progress

After not working on her the first 2 weekends of May I picked her up last Saturday morning and by Sunday evening she looked like this

Reminder of her before, it's been so long :)

It's going to be mostly purple progress again this weekend as I have large chunk of it still to do.
The end is slowly coming into sight and I'm starting to think she may be done around the end of June

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheshire Show entry

I've been working on my entry for the Cheshire show for the last month or so and a few days ago I realized I hadn't shared anything about it :( so it's time to put that right.

It took a while to first of all pick the colours for it and I had help and useful suggestions from Vicki at Spellbound Beads on a trip there.  Then I spent an afternoon playing about with patterns on paper and they still got changed when I beaded them!

But this is the bit you really want to see, the pics :)
All 24 triangles will be the same 4 patterns although the solid one will be different each time so that the pattern does what I want it to do when it's finished

I'm actually about 3/4 finished now but will break up progress over a few posts so I don't bore you to much or overload on pics :)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Gifted Gorgeousness

Gifted Gorgeousness was the brilliant idea of Jo to encourage stitchers to use those items in our that have been gifted to us from the smallest charm to the biggest kit or projects that will once finished be gifted to someone. 

First for me this month is my progress on the Linen & Threads Mystery SAL the chart is a freebie and so it's a gift :)
I'm using 40 count sand linen, B2500 and whatever colour I feel like at the time for mine

Next is April Monthly Challenge over on Needlecraft Haven.
Once again it's a freebie this time from Alita.   I used some of my lovely Calypso NN thread and a scrap of silver lurex Linda (very sad they stopped making this) for mine.
The stitching was done mid April but I only got round to making it up this week!  I used one of those mini easels that comes with a tiny canvas for it and I think it turned out quite well.

And lastly this years Birthday start.
My Daughter gifted me the chart/ thread pack for Needlework ABC's from Little House Needleworks for my Birthday.
I'm using the Crescent Colours that come in the pack and Dr Smith's Tonic from Sparklies

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A very late TUSAL post

The new Moon was ages ago now and here I am being tail end Charlie and posting my rubbish pics just a few days before the next one!

My stitching orts have been added to from Ice Cream, Christmas Delights, Monthly Challenge on NH, Angel of the Morning, Linen & Threads SAL, Santa's Village, Seasonal SAL and my Birthday start

And my beading orts are mostly white from Seahorse box and my Cheshire show entry although there is a little black in there from finishing the project I can't share for months yet.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Meet George

The monthly challenge for April in the beading I'm a member of on Facebook was animals both 3D and flat so I decided it was high time I made the lizard that's been on my to do list for years now.

He's from Jill Oxton issue 68 and mine is the blue version but I may do the green version at some point and add the ruffle as well

His 2 pieces complete, the legs were the most fiddly bit to do

All sewn up with a pipe cleaner in his tail and stuffed with steel shot to give him some weight

Teejay saw me working on him and asked for a picture when he was finished so I sent one to Lucy for him and told her that he didn't have a name the reply I got was that Teejay loved him and I should call him George :)

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Another model revealed

This time it's for Alessandra Adelaide (AAN)
Alessandra posted in her Facebook group earlier this year asking for model stitchers in Europe and I put myself forward along with several others.
The one I picked to stitch is called Profumo De Primavera which Alessandra told me means scent of spring.

Here it is :)

It was an absolute delight to stitch and I was sad to see it end and then a couple of weeks ago I had a surprise in the post Alessandra had sent me a copy of the chart :)

And there's me named on the back :)  

Monday, May 01, 2017

April progress & May Goals

For April I said
Start my Summer SAL project (and maybe the Spring one as well)  No didn't start either one of them
Make good progress on my weekend project.   I'm very happy with the amount I've got done
Start & finish the last of the LK sweet Tooth Boxers    Done
Stitch the NH April Challenge    It's stitched but once again I've not got round to finishing it
Hexie Flowers as ever    Not done any at all :(
Sell some stash     Yes more items have gone to loving new homes

For May I'd like to
Decide what I'm going to take to work on while I'm away on a stitching holiday
Make good progress on my Angel
Start my Birthday project
Start the Summer SAL project
Finish the Christmas Tree farm in Santa's Village
Sell some stash

I stitched for 75 hours 52 minutes in April which is about what I expected really since bowling season has started and I'm out 3 evenings a week with that.  I had 4 new starts and 2 finishes both of which were new starts and I spent time with a needle every day

Current PHD total = 28