Sunday, March 31, 2013

I wondered what would happen....

If I took this pattern from Vezsuzsi

made 6 of them and stitched them together

what shape I would end up with

and now I know :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend project

I've had to pick another new weekend project with finishing Namaste so I went with this one.
It's called The Zoo and it's a Lanarte kit and it's not mine.  Every once in a while people that I used to stitch for get in touch and ask me if I'm still stitching for folks and I do but it's rare these days.   Anyway that happened a couple of months ago for this and 2 other projects that I have yet to start but this is the most important one and will become a birth sampler once I return it.

So I thought that I would have it as a weekend project for at least a little while so it'll see far more progress than it would be worked on all the time because I would get bored with it after a week or two and start avoiding stitching after another week or so!

Here's how it arrived with me probably in the region of half done

And here's what I did over the weekend 

and a bit closer

I kinda feel I'm cheating a bit having this as a weekend focus project but it saves me from hating it and I may alternate weekends with one of my own PHD's after a while but I'll see in a few weeks time.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter Exchange

I recently took part in a Winter exchange over on the Rotation Stitchers BB and this morning my package arrived but first let me share what I sent out.

This is A Winter's Night from JCS Nov/Dec 2011 and I used NPI silk and Frosted Winter Skies from Sparklies

I received this gorgeous flatfold and with a snowbelle on it couldn't of been more perfect.

I love the backing fabric

And I got goodies but just realised I missed a devine smelling candle out of the pic!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IHSW report

I decided to work on Namaste as my next weekend project knowing that it wouldn't take long to finish and with this last weekend being IHSW I had theperfect excuse to sit down and stitch away to my hearts content.
I had planned to finished Namaste last year after I'd moved but forgot to leave the floass handy so with just one motif left to do it was carried over to this year.

Saturday morning it looked like this

Sunday night it looked like this, so close to a finish it would be rude to put it away for a week

So on Monday I finished the motif

And then did a happy dance :)

I've also done each motif's name as a list to put on the back when I eventually make it into a hanging but all the pics I took turned out fuzzy so you'll have to wait for that.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet Holly Snow

Last December just 9 days before I moved I went down to Birmingham for another Oak Tree Crafts class.
I got back from the class and she got put to one side cause after all I was about to move!
Anyway I finished Mum's box on Sunday and was all set to start working on the next of Mum's started projects and I was doing well with it till I used up the working thread I had and realised that it used a colour of Nymo I don't have anymore (I'm using it up and not replacing it cause I prefer KO) so had to wait to get it off Mum.
So I decided it was time to finish Holly off as she'd been so patient :)

Here's how she came home from the class, I'd also done her hat on the day (but not the holly on it) while waiting for the wooden form to dry after painting but forgot to include it in the pic

And here she is all finished.

And a side view, the colours in the class kit for her scarf were red and blue but I thought that they aren't really girly colours so I subbed 2 shades of purple.

And a view of the top of her hat so you can see the pattern.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Angel Box finish (again)

Way back in Feb 2009 I posted about finishing my Angel box and here I am 4 years later posting about finishing another one.

My Angel box was the project that really got me into beading with delica's and now I rarely use anything else however this box is my Mum's who also took the class in Nov 2008 and she never finished her's.
As you know over the last few months since moving I've not had my beading patterns here with me (I have now) so Mum gave me some of her kits to do and she also asked me if I'd finish her box for her so I did.

I finished it last Sunday morning and gave it back to her Sunday evening which I sort of hoped I'd be able to do with it being Mother's Day.
The pattern is exactly the same as mine only the colours are different and of course Mum's looks so much better than mine because I've had more practice now :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Santa's Village

It's been a few weeks since I last shared my progress on Santa's Village although I have been in the parlour on a Wednesday night.

I've finished Santa's house and yes I know I've not done the french knots and that's because I'm planning on doing them all at the end so they don't get squashed but I might use beads instead.

And I've made a decent start on Poinsettia place

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I finished the dragon block around 12.20 am on Monday morning which means one thing....

Runekeeper is finished :)

Started way back in 2005 and now it's finally finished I now have no PHD's from 2005 left to do (let's not mention the one's from 2004 and before tho, OK)
It's in need of a bath so please excuse the wrinkles but that's no excuse not to put your dancing shoes on and join me in a happy dance now is it :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beaded Tape Measure

I bought the current issue of Bead a couple of weeks ago on my way to one of the beading groups I go to because I wanted to try a different project that's in it but I got a little obsessed with making one of these.
As soon as I got home I hunted out the tape measure I knew I had and started thinking about what Delica's I had enough of for the main colour.
Following day I enlisted fella's help with picking colours cause I'm hopeless at it and this is the scheme  we came up with.

It got dubbed the project from hell at one point cause if I could make a mistake I did, mostly on the band but it wasn't helped by the instructions not making sense to me in some places and I'm convinced they are wrong in places!
But it won't stop me making more

Monday, March 11, 2013

TUSAL & 1000th post winner

It's TUSAL posting day so here's my jar.
I've added orts from Sunflower Sampler, Santa's House, Birds & Bees, Runekeeper, Winter exchange, The Zoo, Poinsettia Place and of course lots of KO, fireline etc from beading.

I made a list of all the folks that had commented on my 100th post and those that had left a comment the week before

Went off to and did the generator thing and got #2 which is Julie
Congratulations Julie you won the bookmark which given how much you read will come in useful :)

Thursday, March 07, 2013


The Unicorn block is finished and I only have the Dragon block to do which fingers crossed I'll do this weekend.   IF I'm close to being finished Sunday night I'll work on it on Monday so I can cross it off the list and have a happy dance.

If you haven't already entered and want to there's still time to enter my 1000th post giveaway

Monday, March 04, 2013

February progress & March Goals

Few days late this month but I didn't want this to be my 1000th post

For February I said
Finish Santa's House  Done
Start and finish Poinsettia house if it arrives early enough in the  month Haven't got it yet :(
Stitch an ornament  No
Stitch a SOLAK square  No
Get the rest of my stuff from Mum's and DBF's  I have my stuff from fella's house and there are just a few boxes of books left at Mum's
Get the Krenicks I need for Runekeeper  Done

For March I'd like to
Finish Runekeeper
Start and finish Poinsettia House
Make a start on North Pole PO
Stitch an ornament
Stitch a SOLAK square

I stitched for 62 hours 36 mins in Feb, had 3 new starts and 2 finishes and just one day of no stitching.

Current PHD total = 34 

Saturday, March 02, 2013


That's right folks this is my 1000th post and no is more surprised than me that I've made it this far.

I started this blog way back in December 2003 when blogging was just starting to get popular and I thought I should give it a go.  At the time I was a full time Mum working part time in retail and didn't really have much to say about anything and didn't have a camera to be able to post pics either so for several years nothing really happened with it.

For at least a couple of years I used MSN live as a place to waffle about my life and now it sadly no longer exists and those posts are lost (just thing had I copied them over then I'd of been writing this along time ago!) but I did transfer my favourite post ever over and I'm so glad I did.

I started getting fed up with MSN in 2006/2007 I really didn't like some of the changes they made and so I came back to blogger having forgotten I'd already set up an account here.

I made my first 'proper' post here on September 17 2007 and haven't been that quiet since.

To celebrate the milestone I decided to do a little giveaway and started looking round for something to make for it and this is what I came up with.

To enter just comment on this post and make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you, that's it no jumping through hoops or having to post on your blog to get more chances but those folks that have commented in the last week get entered anyway.

I'll leave it open for a week so you have until midnight GMT on March 9th to enter.

And on to the next 1000 posts