Saturday, December 13, 2003

I thought I'd give this a go and bore everyone with my ramblings.
My girls are getting older and my days are filled with hobbies and very little housework (one big advantage to living in a flat)

Today started out a little oddly, I've been suffering from a virul infection for almost 2 weeks now and for the last 3 nights I've had hardly any sleep.
After spending most of the night dozing in the chair I crawled into bed at 6am as DH left for work and only crawled out again when my Mum called to say they were on their way to pick up the few things the girls forgot for the weekend away they are having
DH came home early that expected and we fought our way through the crowds in Chester for the last few things we needed to get for Christmas, I'm so glad it's done now and there's no more endless queue's for me to face.
All that's left now is to wrap the last few things and put the tree up, which we should be doing tomorrow, then I'm done and can put my feet up and enjoy the run up to the'big day'

Looking back at what I've written make it seem like I was up at the crack of dawn when in fact I'm writing at 6pm while it's pouring with rain outside!!

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