Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's been a long week

Starting with my huge disappointment of Lewis Hamilton not winning the title in Brazil,oh well maybe next year (but at least Alonso didn't win it either, my option of him has changed drastically the last few months!)

Monday was the first day all month that I really wanted to stitch all day for and so I did, I was aiming to finish one project (which I did but still haven't scanned!) and then move on to Floral Bellpull but the finish took me alot longer than I thought it would so I never made it :(

Tuesday, I went with my Mum and DD up to my Gran's to work on clearing her house out some more and in the process we managed to lock ourselves out of the house despite having 2 sets of keys!
I also had the beginnings of a cold so being locked out in the cold didn't help, DD helpfully pointed out I had my coat with me then it dawned on her that it was locked in the car and the car keys were locked in the house

So Wednesday dawned bright and frozen, I felt OKish but had no energy and I still went on the braid making workshop I was booked on through the WI.
It was good and I would of enjoyed it more if I wasn't bunged up and suffering with a bad head

Thursday day was spent with ExH and DD at Cheshire Oaks and after a bit of shopping we went to watch Stardust, hugely enjoyable film and if you get the change to watch it then do
That night was knitting group at the Trafford Centre, the first one I've managed to make for several months now so not a single stitch was made all day :( but my cold wasn't too bad :)

Friday DD had asked me to take her into Chester so she could meet a friend for the afternoon and rather than come home then have to go back again I stopped and wandered round the shops.
I picked up a few Christmas presents and a couple of baby things for #1 DD in the sale and again the cold wasn't too bad
Oh and I won £7 on a scratch card, £27 on the Euro and got a RAK that left me gobsmacked!

Yesterday was DD's belated Birthday day out.
First stop was back to Cheshire Oaks to exchange some jeans that were way to big on her then onto Llandudno for the day.
We had a walk up the pier emptyhanded and came back loaded up with Dragons, most of the little shops/stalls on the pier were open for the last day of the season so we had a look in them.
DD found alot of Dragons that she talked nicely to her Dad for and we both bought a couple of daft things as Christmas presents.
Last night we went to The Austrian restaurant in the mountains above Conway (I can say the name of the village but can't spell it! but it's near Fairy Glen if anyone knows the area) the back wall is actually the mountain.
We embarrassed DD once more having told them in advance it was for her Birthday so they had put up banners and ballons over our table then after dessert the lights went out and Judith came in carrying her cake and the entire place sang Happy Birthday to her, boy did she go a nice shade of DMC :)

Today I've spent almost the entire day playing on Age of Empires, my cold is back with a vengence and my head is pounding so stitching is hard but I've done a couple of hours on and off
Hopefully I sleep better tonight than I did last night, being woken up at 6am by a barking dog is not fun when you only dozed off around 2.30am despite being so tired you feel asleep on the way home from Wales and had a job to keep your eyes open while cleaning your teeth.


Marita said...

Hope the cold starts to get better soon.

Glad you have been able to get some stitching done.

Lindsay said...

The cold's as good as gone now, thanks