Saturday, February 02, 2008

Riddle update

Not much more to go now, just the rest of the band that's got a tree top, the block of writing to finish, a repeat of the top band and the remaining border
I'm spending the weekend with Mermaid and Monday with Fantasy Sampler so I'll be back to it on Tuesday after I've done my hour on my UFO and aim to get that band finished by the end of the week

All day today I've been trying to get into Webshots and I can't :( I've no idea if it's just me or if they are down for some reason.
I want to add the pic to my album so I can post it on the BB's I visit because I'm not that keen on directing people here but if it's still the same tomorrow I guess I'll have to

I'll post my monthly goals tomorrow at gone 1am I really should be heading for bed!

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