Friday, July 17, 2009

Italian Quilting

At least that's what I'm told this is! Last night was WI craft club and this is what we did, it's alot like trapunto although I have a sneeky feeling it the same thing just done a little differently.
I did a trapunto piece years ago just to try it (wonder where it's gone) and the principle is the same although with this you thread a really thick thread inbetween the lines formed by the backstitch outline instead of making a slit in the back fabric and stuffing it.
The fabric is much paler than the pic shows and please don't look closely at my freehand stitching, it's something I'm useless at!

We have the full pattern that this pat came from but I really can't see me doing it, I was bored by the time I'd got halfway on this one.

Oh and a quick update on the beading, side 2 is about 3/4 done and I'm thinking it's going to be done this weekend, early next week I'll have the 2 sides stitched together and the fringe on ready to start the strap once I've been to the LBS and picked what I'm going to use


Kristin said...

That is really cool!

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow! It's very pretty!