Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm brave enough

A few days ago Rhonda asked if anyone was brave enough to post a pic of the back of their work and I am (or should that be daft enough).
In general all my backs turn out something like this the only exception is a TW which as we all know have huge amounts of confetti stitching in them no matter the size.
So I decided I'd share the back of Sunflower Charms and Sunflower with you as those the ones closest to hand.

And since I was doing a post anyway I thought I'd share my progress from the weekend on Celtic Banner.
Most of time on it went on the border and trying to dispose of the frog that seems to have found a new home with me.
The bottom of the S is wrong and will have to come out for a second time, fingers crossed it's third time lucky when I come to restitch it.


Karen said...

You are a brave soul but your backs look great so you have nothing to worry about!

I figure as long as my front looks like it suppose to, my back can be of my "own" design!!!!

happy stitching...your Celtic banner is coming along nicely!

Rhona said...

Thanks for taking up the challenge! Your backs look great, very neat indeed. Loving the Celtic banner. Looking forward to more updates.

Happy stitching!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Beautiful backs, lol!!

Ruth said...

The back of your work is so neat, thank you for being brave and showing us.
I must say I'm loving checking in each week to see how your celtic piece is coming along.

Sharon said...

Your backs look awesome!

Alice said...

Holy cow. Maybe it's just that my eyes are bleary this morning, but I had to look hard to realize these were the backs! Mine don't look like that... no way no how.

Justflo said...

Love the Celtic Banner. Must say beautiful backs. Mine have a tendency to look like some modern artist!!!!!. Occasionally I manage a better looking one but so rarely you'd see 'Haley's Comet' more regularly. Still never mind I enjoy the fronts.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great back! I have yet to see a very neat TW!!!

Banner is looking great, but I'm so sorry to hear you've had a bout of the frogs!