Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An award

Recently I was given the Stylish Blogger award by Silverlotus :)

Thank you so much for choosing me 

As always there are a couple of rules to go with it

1, Thank the person who awarded you
2, List 7 things about yourself
3, Pass it on to 15 stylish bloggers

Number 1 is done so on to number 2.
1, My favourite book is The Hobbit
2, I don't own a copy of it!!!
3, I'm really, really scared of lightening
4, I have diabetes
5, I'm the youngest member of my WI
6, My favourite designer is Teresa Wentzler
7, I'm not a fan of roses and would rather have a bunch of carnations

Number 3.
Well see this is part of why it took me so long to post this I can't decide who to give it to and have changed my mind so much that I'm still not done so I'll come back with it when I have

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