Monday, October 31, 2011

Rock making

Yesterday Mel, her DBF, my DBF and I went off to Blackpool for the day and we came across a rock shop that did demo's and we caught one of them just after they had started.

The start of a stick of rock, there are two colours there but the darker one is hard to see.
To the right of the man (out of sight) is the machine that adds in the flavour, we were at the other end to him and there was a brick wall in between it and us but we could hear it :)

Keeping it moving

Making the letters

All the letters made.
Those white lumps are the mix with the flavour added

Wrapping the letters up 

Adding the outer layer, it then going in the machine in the background which keep the main lump moving as he works the smaller bits.

Starting it off

Cutting sweets which were put in a bucket and passed around the crowd watching

The piece I got, it was still warm and chewy

Making the lengths

A better view of  the lump being drawn out

The lengths

Cutting the lengths into sticks of rock

Sticks of rock

The measure/ scissor thing used to cut the lengths.

All the lengths were then put into boxes to go off and get wrapped


Chris said...


Julie said...

I remember seeing this being done as a child, the guy could hardly lift the huge rock with the letters in before it was stretched, this brought back lovely memories of me and my gran watching it being done, thanks x

Daffycat said...

Way cool! It's so interesting.

Jennifer M. said...

OH! they are making candy canes! I was looking for actual rocks in the pictures. Like "rocks" that you find outdoors. LOL :D

Making those things is actually a lot of work. I've seen shows on how they make those on the cooking channel on TV. You have to work quickly.