Thursday, November 10, 2011

Couple of firsts

While at Mum's today I made a Parkin for the first time ever.
And before anyone says anything it's supposed to sink in the middle

And at home this evening I tried my hand at Shortbread, it turned out well and Mel's DBF found it very hard to keep his hands off it which is why there are a couple missing

And a follow up to yesterday's post about the hats.
The regional TV station went and filmed a piece for the news today which they broadcast this evening so if your interested you can watch it here


Daffycat said...

Having no idea what a parkin is I'll just say it looks awesome! Now shortbread I know. I love me some shortbread!

missy said...

Yummy!!! Shortbread is my FAVORITE cookie.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your baking looks great, there's nothing quite like the smell of home baking in the house.

Edgar said...

I am loving the Parkin - I had to look it up on the WEB to find out what one is - and am now fascinated.... would you post your recipe?

Julie said...

Shortbread is my favourite, looks wonderful