Thursday, December 01, 2011

November progress & December goals

For November I said
Get at least one ornament esp since I have an exchange one due  I got the one for the exchange done and one of the NH monthly challenge ones stitched but not yet finished
UFO RR I did work on it but still have some to do
Finish at least one project  I finished 4 in total

For December
Get the last couple of ornaments stitched
Get the ones that are stitched and not made up, made up
Finish as many projects as poss this month 

I stitched for 75 hours and 16 minutes last month, had 2 days when I didn't stitch (although I did bead), had 2 new starts and 4 finishes along with a few beading finishes.

Current PHD total = 36


country stitcher said...

I'm impressed that you keep track of how many hours that you stitch each month. i might have to give this a try.
Happy Stitching

Julie said...

Going o be a busy month, I have no idea how much time I spend on my crafting projects