Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some finishing (mostly)

First of all last weekend's progress on MW.

Yesterday I finally got around to unpacking the little sewing machine DBF gave me for Christmas and use it.  I've had the fabrics picked out for weeks but every time I've thought I'll do those tomorrow something happened or I just plain forgot I was going to do them and it was to late in the day when I remembered!

I'm posting them in the order they were stitched not the order I finished them and as ever the fabric behind is the one I used for the finishing.

First up is Christmas Peace from JCS ornie issue 2002 (didn't note the designer and I'm far to lazy to go and dig the issue out to look it up) stitched way back in January!
I used a scrap of fabric out of the box that I suspect is Cashel and the called Weeks & GAST apart from subbing Cyress for Cadet.

Next is Heartfelt Harvey from 2008 JCS ornie issue, designed by Imaginating INC.
He's on a scrap of 32 count and I used DMC 304.
He turned out larger than I thought he would so I made him into a little pillow so could get away with a large pattern fabric.  See the sleigh, santa and snowman on the left? Well that's what's on the back.

Next is Happy Day freebie from sub rosa and was the April challenge on Needlecraft Haven

Lastly is the fob from LHN Needle and Thread.
Again I thought it was a little to big for a fob so I made it into a little ornie that I can hang on my stand with other bits and pieces of craft.

When I done and ready to put the machine away I found this 

I really should of known that an empty box would soon be filled with a Rosie!


Patty C. said...

Wonderful finishing :)

Chris said...

Hello Rosie! Cats love boxes don't they?
What wonderful finishes! They all look wonderful!

eszter said...

Lovely works♥

Silverlotus said...

Great job on the ornaments. :D

milly said...


Just found your blog.

Your finishes are lovely and your kitty in the box is adorable!

Linda said...

Congrats on all the finished Lindsay. They turned out great. Wish I could do that.


Julie said...

Super finishing, they all look great.
Empty boxes and bags are magnets to furry friends,she's a cutie.

Daffycat said...

Awesome finishing, Lindsay! Isn't it great having a sewing machine at hand?

Empty boxes are sad boxes. Glad to see Rosie does her job well!