Sunday, June 03, 2012

Some beading

Over the last few weeks I've made more diamonds and still have some to do

I've added them to my bead mat along with some I already had made.
I wasn't happy with the way I'd started it, I'd put the diamonds together wrong and they didn't line up properly so I undid and restarted it and I'm much happier with it now.

I've made a start on another tassel.  This is the one the tutor made during the class I took last year to show us how to make them and it's just my colour so I bought it off her.

And made another stocking which is May's ornament


Terri said...

I just love your beadwork! It inspires me to do more. And these are all gorgeous!

Linda said...

They look great Lindsay. I could never see to do that.


Silverlotus said...

Very nice! The stocking is super cute!

Chris said...

Your beading is so amazing. I love the tassel!

Julie said...

Cute little stocking. The tassel is amazing.