Monday, July 02, 2012

June progress & July Goals

For June I said 
Start Mel's rose  Done
Get an ornament done  Done
Finish a beading project that's already started  Done, the Angel

For July I'd like to 
Get an ornament done
Finish Mary Wigham would be nice 
Work on Mel's rose

In June I stitched for 83 hours 22 minutes, had 1 new start and 2 Finishes and 1 day of no stitching.

Current PHD total = 32


Chris said...

Good Morning Lindsay!
Wow, only one day of no stitching. I wish I could get that close to stitching every day.
Have a great week!

Clare - Aimetu said...

You do so much Lindsay :) hopefully you'll get all your July goals done :)

Julie said...

Only 1 day of no stitching, well done you.
Good luck with your plans for July