Monday, December 03, 2012

Free to a good home

In the process of sorting out to move I came across a folder of charts from way back when I started stitching 20 years ago.
These are all from kits I stitched and I'd like to pass them on 

2, Teddy Bear

3, Box of Butterflies (this one hangs in my Mum's living room)

4, Rocking Horse

5, Owl

6, Summer (My first project on evenweave)

7, Old English Rose it does have a full alphabet

8, Swan and Flowers

You'll have to bear with me to post them out I may not get to the Post Office quickly and any that are left at the end of the week will end up in the recycling :(


Barb said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter my name in for either the alphabet flower or the swan one (7 and 8. Thank you.

McKenna C. said...

How generous of you! I would love #6: Summer. I think my grandmother would love it!


Fee said...

Well done and good luck with the move. You must have started about the same time as me!


cucki said...

Good luck with the move dear ,.
Lots of love for you
Cucki x

kymacc said...

Thank you and I would love #1

Z said...

Hi Lindsay, I don't suppose you still have Owl up for grabs do you? If so I'll give him a new home. Thanks, Amanda :)

ricketyjo said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Box of Butterflies was the first cross stitch I was ever given and worked on, even though I knew nothing and made such a mess of it. And the Swan and Flowers was given to my sister but she didn't really like cross stitching so I think I did hers as well!! So lovely to see the patterns again. I found the Swan and Flowers amongst a box of my Grandma's stitching that I got when she died. I have no idea what happened to my Box of Butterflies though... I'm sure it's in my family somewhere! :)