Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 Sidney's all in a row

Last month at one of the beading groups I was handed a box and asked if I could finish off/ do from scratch a few projects by the same member that I did the Santa and Angel for last year. They had been sat in the box for 2 years waiting to be finished and she thought it was time they were.

This is Sidney from Oak Tree Crafts  out of the 3 I've done 2 from scratch and just finished off the other one, he was almost complete and just needed a little work on his hat and his mittens.

And one of them held up on his own so you can see him a little better.

I had the most fantastic surprise earlier this evening when Lucy and Teejay appeared on my doorstep.
It's my Birthday on Thursday and they came up to surprise me for it and they certainly did that I was speechless 


Chris said...

Happy Birthday!
Those snowmen look great!

cucki said...

Happy birthday dear..
Cutie snowman x

Clare - Aimetu said...

Fab fab fab - Happy Birthday for Thursday x

Julie said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow, what a lovely surprise.
These little cuties are adorable