Thursday, November 21, 2013

More charity bead work

This time it's a few tube ornaments.
These are done round the tube's that beads (mostly Delica's) often come in and the patterns are all from Threadabead.  I spotted a new one on facebook I think it was that's a reindeer and he's really cute.

Anne over at Feather Stitching asked about the tassel from yesterday and where to get it.
I should of posted the link and I forgot to, sorry about that :(  anyway it's from Spellbound and comes in a few other colours


My Xstitch Place said...

very pretty

cucki said...

So pretty x

Smily - Света said...

They look cute! said...

Thanks so much for the details for the tassel - you're a sweetheart. I've bookmarked the site, and I know what I'll be ordering in the new year! :) Your latest little bead tubes are really cute :)