Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash June report

This month I've spent some of my budget, got some free stuff and carried on selling off things I no longer want :)

First the new stash......
I had my annual weekend gtg early in the month and a few of us spent the Saturday out and about first stop was Spellbound and then we went to a couple of quilting shops, the second one has a stitching shop a few doors down and I left with the small Sunflower kit.
The big Sunflower came from Hobbycraft on the Monday morning as I came home, the 2 ladies I pick up at the station and I have a tradition of calling there for a wander round and then lunch before I drop them off.  Well there was a sale on and it's a Sunflower, need I say more?
The penguin kit came from my little local shop who is cutting down her XS stock so I had a look through the sale box (it would be rude not to!) and found it half price and knew right away I had to get it for Teejay.   Going by the exceptions it's not included in my spend because it's a gift and it's started, pic will up this weekend.

The turtles and thread are payment for the model stitching I will be doing soon for Sparklies so didn't cost me anything other than time.   The Sunflower chart came from one of the other ladies and the other items were free to a good home 

In total I spent £21.48

New starts from stash = 3.  2 for exchanges that I can't share yet (both finished) and the Penguins above
PHD's worked on = Daffodils, Art Deco Sunrise and Flower Tender
£ spent = £21.48
Budget left = £111.60 - £21.48 = £90.12    (I had £91.60 carried forward + £20 for June)

July is going to be another spending month as I'm off to a GTG at the Nimble Thimble in a couple of weeks :)


Marlene Jones said...

You are doing fantastic, I might join if it is going next year. My stash is huge and I will never get through everything.

cucki said... going wonderful
Happy stitching x

Julie said...

You've got some lovely new goodies there Lindsay.

Kate said...

Nice goodies, you're doing really well with your budget

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on another great SFS month. Lots of really nice stash there.