Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 goals report & 2015 goals

For 2014 I said
Stitch or bead an ornament a month   Nope
Start and finish at least 6 small TW's for the SAL  Nope, I think I did one!
Have fun rediscovering my stash with Stitch from Stash 2014   Done and I found lots of things I no longer wanted as well so have been selling them off
Keep up with the TUSAL  Done
Finish one of my Circles most likely the beaded one   Nope, but the beaded one is just about half way now
Finish Santa's Village  Nope 
Get my PHD number to below 25   Just missed out on this one it's at 26

For 2015 I'd like to
Keep up with Stitch from Stash, it's done me good this last year
Keep up with the TUSAL
Finish Santa's Village, I've done 6 of them so it's all downhill now
Finish more than I start
Get my PHD to below 20
Finish at least 2 of the projects that have no start year listed
Make good progress on (or even finish) a TW
Not to leave all my Christmas ornaments till just before they are needed!

I stitched for 1,049 hours 6 mins in 2014 which averages out to a little below 3 hours a day, I had 21 starts and 27 finishes over the year and only carry 3 over to this year.


Linda said...

You did great last year Lindsay.


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You did well achieving most of your 2014 goals. May you have even better success in 2015

Kate said...

Good luck with your goals

Clare - Aimetu said...

Overall a great 2014 Lindsay, good luck with 2015

Julie said...

Doesn't it sounds lots when you add it up. Perhaps I should try that one month just to see for myself how much I do.
Good luck with this years plans.