Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March progress and April goals

For March I said
I'd love to finish Toy Gatherer but if not have him almost finished.   Nop, I still have a far bit to go :(
Make progress on my quilt  Yes more stars were added and I have lots ready to baste
Keep selling stash (I need the space)  Quite a few items have found new homes
Start, finish and finish finish my easter exchange pieces and send on time.  I did the first 3 but not the last one :(
Start fella's elephants  Done

For April I'd like to
Finish Toy Gatherer
Get my quilt to the width I want it
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 82 hours 9 minutes in March, had 4 new starts and 2 finishes both of which were new starts and I had one day of no stitching but I did work on my quilt all day.

Current PHD total = 30

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Julie said...

You did well last month Lindsay, good luck with Aprils plans