Monday, June 01, 2015

May progress and June Goals

For May I said
Get the next row on the quilt half done   The stars are done but I've only added a few :(
Pick my Birthday start and start it  Done, I went with Just Nan's 4 Wishes
Stitch Fella's Birthday present.   Done and he loved it :)
Make good progress on Sun Sampler   I've done very well with it and because I'm on a stitching weekend this weekend there is a outside chance I'll finish it!!
Keep selling stash  I've found homes for several items but still have loads to go :(

For June I'd like to
Get the next row on the quilt halfway
Finish Sun Sampler
Pick a new weekend project
Get the Lake District Sampler half done (paid project, newly started)
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 55 hours 29 minutes in May, had 3 new starts and 1 finish which was one of the new starts and had a needle in my hand every day :)   The less stitching hours will continue for the next few months with bowling season in full swing now and I'm playing 3 nights a week not 2 as I have in the past

Current PHD total = 31

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Julie said...

It was lovely to see the Sun Sampler in person.