Thursday, July 02, 2015

June progress & July Goals

For June I said
Get the next row on the quilt half done  Nop, I did add a few more to it tho
Finish Sun Sampler  Done
Pick a new weekend project  Not done as yet
Get the Lake District Sampler half done  Not quite :(
Keep selling stash   Yep more items have gone to new homes

For July I'd like to
Make progress on my quilt (it's too hot to add to the main bit!)
Pick a new weekend project
Finish the Lake District Sampler
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 76 hours 7 minutes in June thanks to a stitching weekend :), I had one new start and 1 finish and 1 day of no stitching but I did bead that day.

Current PHD total = 31

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Bonnie Brown said...

Good luck with your July goals