Saturday, August 01, 2015

July progress & August Goals

For July I said
Make progress on my quilt   No I've been busy with hexie flowers for the swap
Pick a new weekend project   Done and it's almost finished!
Finish the Lake District Sampler   No it's been a busy month and I took a week off from it
Keep selling stash   More items have found new homes

For August I'd like to
Make and send as many hexie flowers as I can (currently I need 17 of them)
Finish the plums
Finish Turtles
Pick a new weekend project
Get the next Pat SAL project started
Get the Lake District sampler to 3/4 done
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 59 hours 48 minutes in July, had no new starts and 1 finish and 2 days with no stitching when my mojo disappeared for a while :( but I did bead or hxie on those days.

Current PHD total = 30

1 comment:

Julie said...

Hope you are having a lovely time away.
Good luck with Augusts plans.