Thursday, October 01, 2015

September progress & October goals

For September I said
Keep up the hexie flower production and maybe start putting them together into a quilt   Both done and I signed up for the Christmas petal swap
Pick a project to fill in on Friday's until Pat is ready  I went with Magical Night
Lake District to 3/4 done  I did far better and finished it :)
Keep selling stash, I need the room!  A few things have gone to new homes

For October I'd like to
Keep up hexie flower production and get at least 1/4 of the Christmas swap sent out
Make a decent start on the second paid project
It would be nice to finish Magical Night
Keep selling stash

I stitched for 49 hours 15 mins in September had no new starts and 1 finish and 2 days with no stitching :(  both were very long tiring days and I just didn't have the energy to stitch :(  combined with a busy month and my hours were down but I finished the Lake District sampler so who cares :)

Current PHD total = 27

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