Sunday, January 01, 2017

2016 goals report & 2017 goals

For 2016 I said
Keep up with the TUSAL    Done sometimes a little late
Keep up with Gifted Gorgeousness    Done, again sometimes a little late (or with 6 minutes to spare)
Finish Santa's Village   Not even touched it :(
Get my PHD's to 20 or below   No, have the same number I started the year with but at least I've not increased them :)
Finish one project with no start year listed   Not done this one :(
Finish more than I start   No I started and finished the same amount
Finish a TW  No even tho I started 2 of them!
Finiah a Silver Lining Flower   No but I'm not far off
Stitch from my stash as much as I can     I'd say I'm about 60 % successful

For 2017 I'd like to
Keep up with the TUSAL assuming it carries on
Keep up with Gifted Gorgeousness
Finish Santa's Village (I'm fed up of saying this so def going to do it this year!)
Finish more than I start
Get my PHD's to 20 or below (I've been working on getting the number down for 10 years now and I'm doing well as I started with 47!!!)
Finish a TW
Finish a Silver lining flower
Get at least 6 kits stitched from stash

I stitched for 991 hours 21 minutes in 2016 which if you take off the 7 days I didn't stitch at all is about 2 3/4 hours a day, not bad going for someone that's out bowling 3 nights a week all summer.   I started and finished 25 projects which is also the number of PHD's I started both last year and this year with! 25 seems to be number for me this year, Mel turned 25 and I've been stitching for 25 years


Jules said...

Whew! I think I'm tired just reading your goals, lol!

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!!

Julie said...

You could always make Santa's Village your project for UFO sttching with Miss Barb in the parlour each week ....