Friday, February 03, 2017

Last and first TUSAL

I'm a few days late posting my rubbish pics this new moon the plus side of that is there is more to look in the bottom of my jars :)

But first my orts on Jan 1st from 2016, me beading orts didn't get added to at all so it wasn't worth taking a pic of those.

My first TUSAL pic of this year.
I've added ones from Quaker Book, NH Jan Challenge (which I've yet to blog about), Round Robin, My Ark and a model from AAN that I can't share

and my beading orts all that green on the top is from the apple

IF you still have no idea what the Totally Useless Stitch A Long is all about wander over to Daffycat to find out more

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loulee said...

I keep an ort jar by my cross stitch, but always forget to take and post pictures. It's lovely to see the layers build up over the year and remember which project they belong too. Well it was when I was more prolific!!