Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have a new pair of legs :)  (I wish, esp if they work properly and look good lol)

Thought I'd share the project I started while I take a break from the Dragon box.
If I worked the way the instructions say you'd be looking at a bodyless head but given that I don't like doing face's until the end I started with the last bit and will work backwards so I can put it all together when I'm done.

The pieces

Assembled, the first one took me well over and hour to put together between the learning curve and not getting the beads lined up right on the back, the second one went much quicker

They are the same length it's just that some beads are hiding on the right hand one

And while I was taking pics of them I was struck with the urge to take one of my beading work space.
The single piece on the left is the start of the arms

BTW it's the Teddy Bear from the current issue of Jill Oxton (#85)


Julie said...

Definately legs and very nice they are too ...

Jennifer M. said...

I've never done this kind of beadwork before. I've only done French Beaded Flowers and those are a pain to do. This is actually really cool. I'm sure it must take lots of patience to do.

Jen ;)