Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress reports

The last couple of weeks have been ones with lots of little things going wrong.
It all started when the door hinge on the washer broke but it was only on the bottom so it was still usable, enter Mel who managed to break it off completely.
DBF comes along and fixes that and in the process discovers that the dampers have gone (suspension for the non technical folks) so after some searching round and a visit to the local market stall that stocks everything you can think of for washers, dryers, hoovers etc we got a new set of those and he fitted them.
Next the drum decided it wasn't going to spin, so out comes the washer again and after reading the book borrowed from ExH (Haynes Washing machine manual Saves you a fortune let me tell you ) DBF concludes it's the motor so he takes it apart thinking I need new brushes again but thank goodness after a good clean all was well.
Next it decides to leak when I use it, thankfully another easy fix with a cable tie, the outlet pipe had dropped to low to drain properly.
Now it's making the most awful noise cause the bearing has gone, the noise I can just about live with as it only does it on the final spin out what I can't live with is the grease spots it's putting on the clean washing so no more washing till it's fixed again. 

And in the midst of that the clutch has gone on my car so I've been trying to find a clutch kit for less than £100 so DBF and his brother can fix it (normally a job for Dad but he's had an op on his foot and can't do anything yet for at least another month.

But at least I've had my stitching to keep me sane until I had to frog over one that is
I was quite happily working away on 4 Seasons Sampler and started the tulips in the centre, thinking that before the weekend arrived and I switched to Scary Book I'd be able to get them done.
I'd done 2 of the blue bits and sat there wondering why there was the right size gap on the left and a huge one on the right.  Turns out I'd stitched Train in the wrong place so out it had to come along with the 2 blue bits and after that I couldn't face it any more till next month.

Speaking of Scary Book here's my progress from the weekend and touch wood nothing else will go wrong this week or I'll have to break out the hair dye to hide the grey hairs!!


Julie said...

Oh wow! What a week with the washing machine, must be something in the air, lots of folks seem to be having trouble with household electrical items.

Daffycat said...

Eeek...what a time you've had of things! You should give that washer a good kick in the side for being so contrary.