Wednesday, November 02, 2016

October progress & November goals

For October I said
Get the RR stitched   Done
Get the birth sampler half done    No :(
A finish would be nice   I finished Needleworker
Get a few symbols done on Alchemical Romance   Done 
Get caught  up on hexie flowers  I'm getting there
Sell some stash   Several items have found new homes

For November I'd like to
Get the next RR stitched when it arrives
Finish something
Get the silk ordered for Alchemical
Work on hexie flowers
Make a dent in the beaded Christmas gifts/ornaments
Sell some stash
Post every day for NaBloPoMo

I stitched for 74 hours 8 minutes in October had 2 new starts and 2 finishes one of which was a new start.  I also had 3 days of no stitching :( but it the weekend I went to Margate for the wedding :)

Current PHD total = 27


Pull the other thread said...

Well done with your goals last Month, you did really well!

Julie said...

Good luck with your goals, I see a few are doing the blog a day post.