Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's been one of those days today where no matter what I've been doing there's been some sort of hold up.
Started out with Mum not being ready on time to go to our weekly beading class, so we were late arriving there then we were later than normal leaving so we got stuck in traffice that we normally miss.
Then on the way to the weekly thing with DD our normal route was blocked by Police so we went through the village and discovered that the other route was bloacked off by Police as well so I had to turn round and go through town which meant hitting the start of rush hour.
Then there's the bridge to get over that's traffic light controlled as it's only wide enough for one car at a time and there's always a queue to get over it the size of which depends on the time of day.
As I got to the thing my phone rang and it was someone calling to find out where we were and of we were caught up in the accident that had caused the first route to be blocked off.

Once at the thing my hands decided that they weren't going to play ball and I sat there for the biggest part of an hour unable to move more than my thumbs until a bowl of warm water was brought for me.

I'm glad I'm home with my needles and floss now and I just hope the frogs don't pick today to make a visit

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