Monday, September 24, 2007

Ooooo, well that was interesting
There's just been a van full of Policeman in full riot kit outside my house!
I was stood in the kitchen being nosey and one of the PCSO's saw me and said something so I went out and he said it was nothing to worry out about, I wasn't worried just nosey.
Anyway it turns out they were there to break the door down on one of the house's across the way under the misuse of drugs act.
It appears that there has been several reports from neighbours about it, well I never get to see anything because I'm off to the side and my living room doesn't over look the parking area so had no idea about it.

I've had quite along chat to him about a few things and he's told me that sometime over the next few weeks a speed trap will be appearing somewhere along the main road I live off and on the main dual carrigeway through the centre of town and it's about time too.

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