Monday, August 10, 2009

More Sunflowers & proud Mum moment

Not a huge amount of progress to show this week, I didn't even finish the other leaf at the top but that's because I went and spent a few days with a very dear friend at the end of last week and refused to take them with me.
I did start Mel's birthday present and made some good progress on it but as she reads my blog your going to have to wait until mid October for a pic.
I've already finished the leaf off and started on the remaining yellow so next time you see it it will be for a Happy Dance as I'm determined to finish before I go to Devon at the weekend
Now the proud Mum bit :)
Mel rang me earlier to say that she was signed off for the day and that she had passed her SCIC (Senior Cadet Instructor Course) at camp not only that but she may well be a Sargent by the time she gets home on Thursday


Daffycat said...

Your WIP is coming along so nicely!

Huge congratulations to Mel. Way to go girl!

Kristin said...

Congrats to Mel.

I know the sunflowers have driven you crazy but they look amazing.

MrsB said...

The sunflowers are fantastic!

Keep going - it is something to be extremely proud of...

Karan said...

Congratulations to Mel - sounds like she's doing great. :0)
Sunflowers are looking lovely - looking forward to seeing that HD. :0)

Jo said...

Great news about Mel - you should be a proud mum.

soooo, what will you work on when you get rid of the sunflowers?

CindyMae said...

Great progress, it is so lovely! Way to Go Mel!!!!