Monday, August 17, 2009

A quick hello from Devon

I do have internet here but it's via a dongle and it's really really slow so I won't be posting often and definately won't be adding pics!

We had a trouble free trip down on Saturday and spent the evening watching Kung Fu Panda, very entertaining and Id recommend you watch if you get the chance.

Yesterday we went into Honiton to have a look around and to find the Tourist Information place only to discover that apart from the big chain stores and one lonely newsagents the entire town shuts down on a Sunday! Bit daft really for a town in a torist area that's well known for it's connection to lace making and has a museum dedicated to it. As we wandered around we spotted a poster advertising a family fun day at a Donkey Sancutary near Sidmouth and decided to go and find it but never did. We did end up in Sidmoth itself and spent the afternoon wanderig around the town and sitting on the beach in the sun

Today we decicded to have a lazy day at the caravan apart from having a run into Honiton to stock up. So far we've watched Tranformers and I'm now sat outside enjoying the sun while the girls are inside sorting ot tea for us all. They have spent the afternoon playing frisbee, doing cartwheels and lying in the sun doing puzzles.

The site is small and will only take 5 caravan's max so it's lovely nd quiet. We did have it to ourselves until about this time yesterday when an old couple arrived and entertained us for almos an hour while they got set up, most of that time was ile he was reversing the caavan back and he took more attempts at it than I would of!


Karan said...

Glad you arrived safely. LOL, we used to enjoy the free floor show too - though not so keen when it was us being the entertainment. ;0) Hope the weather stays nice & you enjoy the rest of your holiday. :0)

Kristin said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

We really love the movie Kung Fu Panda too.

Lucy (Mesdupmoi) said...

Glad you arrived safely! x