Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Unfortunate meme

I saw this on Monique's blog and thought I'd have a go.
The how to is really simple, go to Google and type in unfortunately followed by your name and see what comes up.
This is what I got
  • has spent much of her youth having to apologize to half of the world for her childish tantrums.
  • was forced to withdraw from the Bank of the West Classic that started this week as she still suffers from her knee injury
  • never saw her kidnappers, so they remain at large.
  • appeared to be as slack in her attitude to check-in times as she was in her approach to dressing properly.
  • suffered an overwhelming illness in 1996 which put a stop to business and forced the suspension of mining operations at the Rogerley mines
  • may have already shocked people a little too much.
  • doesn't actually have any real friends
  • won't face felony grand theft charges because Los Angeles prosecutors can't prove the case


Kristin said...

How cute...I love it.

Lucy (Mesdupmoi) said...

LOL You've been busy!

Going to post it on my blog!! x

Laural said...

This is hilarious! I'm so going to have to do this.