Saturday, December 05, 2009

Fa La La

Each year I organise an ornament exchange amongst some of the UK stitchers I know with a posting date of early Dec that always falls around the GTG that's normally held by Joy so that those of us taking part and attending can hand them over in person.
This year mine goes to Pat (no blog and the same Pat I'm SAL on Mary Busby with). I was planning on stitching her something else then I saw the guy from Plum Pudding on someone else's blog and it reminded me I had downloaded it last year and that it was a much better pick for Pat.


Lisa said...

Your ornament came out adorable. I, too, have seen this one on other blogs and now I am definitely getting the "stitching itch" to stitch it too. I am sure that Pat will love it. What a good idea, to organize an exchange prior to a GTG for that makes everyone attending prepared!
Take care and happy holidays.

Paula said...

It looks great.

Mel said...

I love how you finished the ornament